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AR-308 – Loading 308 with the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

Overview In my Last Post, I covered loading 308 Winchester for the AR-308 rifle on the RCBS Pro-2000 5 station progressive reloading press. I also showed the RCBS Rifle Bullet Feed kit in action. This time, we’ll use the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP reloading press (also a 5-station progressive press), but this time with a case […]

AR-308 – RCBS Pro-2000 and 30 cal RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder

Now that we’ve covered the precision loading process for the AR-308 project, it’s time now to move on to progressive reloading. This will enable us to load ammunition very quickly. If we select the right equipment, and are careful and strategic to setup this equipment, we can also attain very high consistency for the ammo […]

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