NEW Pro Cerakote Spray Booth from Built American!

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We recently showed our new Built American Pro Cerakote Ovens in our Precision Rifle Concepts Cerakote shop. This time, we’re highlighting the Built American spray booth


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About the Built American DSBE-1500 Spray Booth

Our DSBE-1500 spray booth is at the epicenter of our new pro Cerakote shop. Built American produces a number of pro spray booths in various sizes to accommodate all different needs. 

They also come with a one-year limited warranty. 

From Built American:

Our industrial batch spray booths are available in many standard sizes (custom sizes available on request) and are the ideal choice for wet & powder applications. Industrial batch spray booths feature.

Our spray booths are perfect for the professional powder coater or serious hobbyist looking for the best results. Featuring a two Stage Filtration System and high capacity – low circulation, tube axial explosion proof fan, LED lighting, & hanging rack.  Designed for years of effective small batch powder coating use. All units are adjusted and tested prior to shipment from our facility to help reduce installation and start-up times.

– Corrosion-resistant steel coating

– Tube axial explosion proof exhaust fan

– LED lighting

– Hanging rack

– Open-Face booth manufactured to be powder coating specific

– Simple, user-friendly controls

– Two stage filtration system using media & pocket filters to eliminate airborne particles

– Made in the USA!

Electrical Specifications: 120VAC 30A

Number of Filters: Twelve (12)

    • Six media filters
    • Six pocket filters

Exhaust: Explosion proof tube axial exhaust fan

Misc: LED lighting, Hanging rack

Weight: 700 lbs

Interior Dimensions: 64” Width x 29.5” Deep x 79.5” Height

Exterior Dimensions: 69” Width x 32” Deep x 81.5” Height

The DSBE-1500 starts at $4,000 (Save 5% with code UR5!) with a number of add-ons available. 


We have all of them: the manometer, spare pocket filters, spare media filters, and recirculation-friendly cartridge filter system.


Exhaust Fans
Exhaust Fan Filters

The manometer lets you know when you should change your filters while a recirculation-friendly cartridge filter system means no duct work is needed, allowing you to safely vent air into the shop space. 


I have a pull chain for the built-in hanging lights as well as an on/off switch conveniently located on the side of the booth. (There is also a fan switch here.)

The lights illuminate the hanging rack making it easy to see as you are working, and the three layers of filters are all easily accessible.


Built-In Lighting and Racking

I selected the DSBE-1500 as I needed a tall booth to Cerakote long, tall objects, but one shallow enough to allow for quality filming. 

Using the Cerakote app to calculate ratio
Gavin measuring Cerakote

My first project in this new shop was Cerakoting a MDT ACC chassis. This process went incredibly smoothly.

I especially appreciate the quality of Built American’s products, specifically this spray booth and their BAE ovens.


The DSBE-1500 offers a host of professional features at an affordable price.

Keep watching for our full pro shop tour and upcoming projects! 

Get the Gear

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DSBE-1500 Spray Booth

BAE-0100 Desktop Capacity Cerakote Convection Oven

BAE-0200 Standup Capacity Cerakote Convection Oven

If you’re interested in taking the Cerakote Certified Applicator training, I would suggest enrolling ASAP as there’s a bit of a waitlist. If you’ve taken the class, consider the advanced course!

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