Winningest Stock in PRS Revealed

We’ve previously highlighted two Foundation Stocks: the Genesis 2 and Dominion. They have quickly become a favorite, especially the Dominion on our .308 Shorty rifle build. We aren’t the only ones who appreciate their craftsmanship. Foundation Stocks are the winningest rifle stocks in PRS!


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About Foundation Stocks

Foundation Stocks is a family business run by John-Kyle and Amy Truitt. John-Kyle came from a tool and die background, and had related industry experience before starting Foundation. He is also a precision rifle shooter.

From Foundation Stocks

Foundation’s stocks are machined from a solid piece of composite, formed through combining layers of material and resin with intense heat and pressure. This method gives us several advantages over traditional composite stock manufacturing.

    • The solid block of material gives us a dense homogenous material that is absent of any voids or air pockets commonly found in composite stocks.
    • The structure, density and stability of our material allows us to machine structural geometry into the stock to create a balanced stock while maintaining high levels of strength and rigidity.
    • The high compression strength of our material allows us to build an action/DBM specific stock that requires no bedding or pillars.
    • The consistency of our material allows us to model and test stock changes reliably.
    • Our material is very durable and stable in extreme environments. It is resilient to abuse and is easily brought back to its original luster if scarred.

Track Record

While Foundation Stocks adorn hunting rifles and all sorts of precision arms, they’ve found a true home in the precision rifle competition community. In 2016, the Foundation Stocks Genesis debuted on the prize table at the PRS Finale.

2016 PRS Finale – Foundation on Prize Table

This was the first time the public saw these stocks. It was an unconventional material with a conventional look within an actively growing sport. The very next year, Matthew Brousseau claimed the PRS season championship with a Foundation Genesis stock.

Matthew Brousseau, 2017 and 2018 PRS Season Champion with the Foundation Genesis

He repeated his performance in 2018.

Clay Blackketter, 2019 PRS Season Champion

In 2019, Clay Blackketter was crowned PRS season champion with his Foundation Genesis, while Tate Streater claimed the NRL season championship with his Foundation Exodus.

Tate Streater, 2019 NRL Season Champion with Foundation Exodus

This trend has continued, with every PRS season champion since 2017 winning with a Foundation stock. Austin Orgain won the 2020 and 2021 PRS season championships with a Foundation Centurion as well as the 2021 AG Cup.

Austin Orgain at the 2021 AG Cup

Austin Buschman won the 2022 PRS season championship and was the IPRF World Champion with a Foundation Genesis 2. He is currently tied for first place in PRS.

Austin Buschman, 2022 PRS Season Champion and IPRF World Champion

According to John-Kyle, part of the reason Foundation Stocks ascended so quickly is the skill of the shooters who chose to run them. They do not have a sponsor budget, so the best of the best shooters were choosing to run Foundation Stocks based on the product alone, and have taken National and World championships with them. 


One of the Many PRS Golden Bullets Won with a Foundation Stock

The story of Foundation Stocks is quite inspiring. The Truitt family took a leap of faith to start a business from scratch in a community they love, and have found great success. For more information on Foundation’s offerings and their story, stay tuned for our upcoming overview video!

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