Like No Other: Foundation Genesis 2 Rifle Stock (In-Depth)

Foundation rifle stocks are unlike any other rifle stocks you’ll see on the market. Made from Micarta, these stocks have a unique appearance and differentiated features. In this story we’ll go in-depth on the Genesis 2, one of the most popular rifle stocks from Foundation.

About Foundation

Foundation Stocks is a family business run by John-Kyle and Amy Truitt. John-Kyle came from a tool and die background, and had related industry experience before starting Foundation.

Above: Amy and John-Kyle Truitt

John-Kyle and Amy are very involved in the precision rifle community, and base their core values on their faith in God. From the Foundation website:

Here at Foundation Stocks we build what we believe to be the best foundation available for your precision rifle. We engineer and build our stocks to be extremely rigid, rugged and able to stand whatever is dished out at them. We strive to pay attention to all the details, big and small.  A ton of time, resources and energies go into building the best product we can offer. However, we also believe that one day all those efforts and stocks will fade away and there is only one Foundation that will have mattered. Our Foundation in Jesus Christ. Because of that we want everything we do, say and think to be pleasing to Jesus Christ. We will not always be successful but our mission is to conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that glorifies Him.

For His Glory,
John-Kyle Truitt

Foundation Stocks LLC

These values are apparent when you talk with people in the precision rifle community: to many, John-Kyle and Amy are thought of “like family”. That’s pretty powerful!

Foundation currently offers the following stocks:

About Micarta

Micarta is a fascinating material like no other.

Some Micarta facts:

  • Invented in early 20th century (about 1910)
  • Composite of fabric (different types used for different formulations) and thermoset plastic
  • Insulative properties (thermal and electrical)
  • Over 100,000 tons of force to form
  • Homogeneous, no air pockets
  • Will not absorb moisture, not affected by humidity
  • Deadens vibration and shock
  • Used for knife handles, electrical components, and Foundation Stocks!
  • Same compression strength as aluminum, no need for pillar bedding

What’s also interesting about Micarta is the appearance. It looks like wood, and it also looks like fiberglass (sort of). I would say it looks “classic”, and totally unique! It’s hard to describe exactly, but I love the look of Micarta.

Foundation Genesis 2

The Foundation Genesis 2 is aimed at PRS shooter (and similar disciplines / applications). From the Genesis 2 product page: “The Foundation Genesis 2 is a hybrid combining the grip to trigger spacing of an Exodus with the fore end of our original Genesis stock.  A wide fore end, great balance and flexible attachment mounting options make prone and positional shooting strong points for the Genesis 2.”

Here’s a breakdown of the “core features” for the Genesis 2:

And specifics in table form:

Weight: Light -vs- Standard

The Foundation Genesis 2 stock (in standard weight) is designed for optimal balance with a 26″ MTU contoured barrel. If you are shooting a shorter or lighter barreled action (less nose-heavy), a “Light” configuration is available for the Genesis 2 which removes 8oz from the buttstock. This will make most rimfire (or similar) barreled actions more balanced compared to the “Standard” weight configuration.

My Genesis 2 came in at the following weights:

  • Stock without ARCA rail: 5.52 lb
  • Stock with ARCA rail: 6.10 lb

Genesis -vs- Genesis 2

The Genesis 2 is merely an adaptation of the Genesis which shortens the grip to trigger distance by 0.300″ as shown here:

Experiences with the Genesis 2

Here at Ultimate Reloader, we’ve put the Genesis 2 through its paces with a variety of rifles and shooting scenarios! Here’s some of the highlights.

25 Creedmoor Rifle Build

This rifle build was a lot of fun, and shot very well using the Blackjack 131 ACE bullet!

Here’s one of the 3-shot load development groups:

25 Creedmoor Story Links:

Additional Foundation Story Features/Links:

Above: Travis Fox shooting a 6 Dasher in a Foundation Genesis 2 while competing in a match

The Genesis 2 stock is definitely a favorite here at Ultimate Reloader! Stay tuned for the 6.5 Creedmoor Genesis 2 build I just completed, story coming very soon!

Bottom Metal

For our Genesis 2 builds, we have used the Hawkins Precision M5 DBM which has worked flawlessly with AICS magazines. These bottom metals from Hawkins Precision are top quality with great fit and finish.

Ultimate Reloader Rifles

As you may have heard, Ultimate Reloader will be building extremely limited edition rifles. The first batch of rifles will be built with Bat TR actions, Foundation Genesis 2 stocks, and Hawkins Precision bottom metals. More information coming soon! You can get on the waitlist HERE if you are interested.

Above: Preview of an Ultimate Reloader rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

Get the Gear

The Genesis 2 is available directly from Foundation HERE:

Visit Hawkins Precision to check out the Hawkins Precision M5 DBM bottom metal.

I’m off to go shoot my Foundation-equipped 6.5 Creedmoor, see you all soon!

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