Frankford Arsenal F-1 Press

While there’s been a lot of buzz around Frankford Arsenal’s new progressive press, the X-10, also worth a look is their new single-stage F-1


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About the Frankford Arsenal F-1 Press

The F-1 press was designed around concentricity and is built to tight standards. Its linear bearing helps to reduce friction and keep everything in proper alignment.

Linear Bearing on the F-1 Press

This press has an aluminum body, stainless steel ram, and steel risers with chrome plating. 

It accommodates up to .338 Lapua, has standard ⅞ x 14 die threading, and accepts standard shellholders.

The bushing can be removed to accommodate Hornady Lock-n-Load bushings. 

Spent primers drop into the enclosed bottle for easy disposal. Also included is an adapter if you prefer to run a hose into a garbage can, larger bottle, etc. 

From Frankford Arsenal

The Frankford Arsenal F-1 Single Stage Press is packed with innovative features to help you reload precisely and quickly so you spend less time reloading and more time on the range. At its core, the press features a linear ball bearing system for smooth operation, an integrated LED light, a fully contained primer catch system, and precision-machined solid steel construction. Compatible with standard 7/8”x14 dies and shell holders, this press will load up to, and including, .338 Lapua cartridges.

What’s in the Box 

Inside the box is the press itself, primer catch and bottle, directions and a hose adapter. 


Keeping with all my other presses, I immediately added an Inline Fabrication quick change top plate (#98) for the Ultramount system. I used a low Ultramount in conjunction with the Ultimate Reloader bench system. 

This press has an integrated light to illuminate the working area. This light requires a micro USB connection.

To test this press, I have Hornady 6.5 PRC dies and a magnum shellholder. 


I began with resizing five pieces of once-fired 6.5 PRC brass, applying imperial sizing wax to each. After setting up the press, I used a Hornady headspace comparator to get an initial base to datum measurement on the fired brass. I then zeroed the comparator. After sizing, I should get -0.001” or -0.002” on the calipers.

My first pass yielded -0.008”. I continued to make minute adjustments to get the die properly set. (To ensure utmost consistency, I re-zeroed each piece of fired brass in the comparator before sizing.) During this process I noted how smooth the stroke was and the press’s mechanical advantage. The sound of spent primers dropping into the container was also particularly satisfying.


I removed the sizing die and set up the seating die to load dummy rounds.

I wanted to replicate Hornady’s 6.5 PRC Precision Hunter Ammunition, so I used Hornady 6.5mm 143 grain ELD-X bullets.

I used factory Hornady rounds to measure the overall length and compare this value to my dummy rounds. 


To measure concentricity and bullet runout, I brought out the Sinclair Concentricity Gauge. My dummy rounds measured just over .001 on either size. 


For an MSRP of $149, the Frankford Arsenal F-1 is an affordable press with a host of great features including the integrated press light. 

Get the Gear 

The F-1 Press is available directly from Frankford Arsenal and from Midsouth Shooters Supply.

Hornady Headspace Comparator at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Creedmoor Sports 

Hornady 6.5mm 143 grain ELD-X Bullets at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Creedmoor Sports

Hornady 6.5 PRC Precision Hunter Ammunition from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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