Quick Look: Cole-TAC Backbone Bag Frame & Flat Bag

When seconds count, time spent dealing with your shooting accessories should be kept to a minimum. In this story, we’ll look at Cole-TAC’s Backbone Bag Frame and Cole-TAC’s Flat Bag. This combination will help you get shots on target with less distraction!

About the Backbone Bag Frame

From the Cole-TAC product page:

The Backbone Bag Frame represents the next revolution in support bags.  The patent-pending design eliminates the need for straps that attach the support bag over the rifle or optic.  The hardcoat-anodized frame attaches to the rifle by either an American Defense Picatinny mount or an Area 419 Arcalock mount.  Four Velcro straps keep the bags securely in place, and the wide surface area of the frame prevents the bags from twisting and shifting.  

The beauty of the Backbone Bag System (BBS) is the adaptability and versatility.  The frame can be used on any of our other BBS compatible bags, offering you the best support for your shooting scenario.  Once you remove the frame, the bag can be used just like any other standard bag as there is no sewn in metal frame. This interchangeable design makes both the bags and frame extremely versatile.  Our Cuddle Bag, Little Cuddle Bag, Trap Bag V2, Flat Bag, and Tricorne are all compatible and can be purchased separately.

Like all of our rugged gear, this product is made in the USA and offers our lifetime warranty.  Buy your system today and give your bags a backbone.

– Backbone Frame
– Picatinny or Arca Mount

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About the Flat Bag

From the Cole-TAC product page:

The Flat Bag was developed with the Backbone Bag System in mind. The thin profile allows the flat rifle support bag to be used in a variety of shooting situations. From smaller openings to posts or barricades, this little guy provides major support. The flat front surface also gives you the ability to push and load up on your rifle.  It can be used with the Backbone Frame or as a stand-alone rear bag.

Like all Cole-TAC products, the Flat Bag is constructed with 1000D Cordura nylon and uses the toughest hardware available. The crushed polypropylene fill prevents water absorption and rotting. This bag features our lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. Purchase your Flat Bag today and lay your competition out flat.

Putting the Two Together

The Backbone Bag Frame is available in either Picatinny mount or in ARCA mount. Since I run ARCA mounts on nearly all of my precision rifles, I opted for the ARCA option!

To test this combination, I setup a “stage” using my Case 590SM construction backhoe. I started shooting off the front bucket as seen here:

Then, to simulate a difficult stage transition, I moved up to a position where I was standing on the front tire and shooting off the loader linkage. This involved hauling the rifle, balancing myself, and using my other hand to lift myself up on to the tire standing position. If I had to separately handle a bag (that wasn’t attached to my rifle) this would have been difficult. The Cole-TAC flat bag and Backbone Bag Frame made this EASY!

I was able to set the rifle and bag in place with one hand, and then get into shooting position quickly. I love how this combination works. And if you need to adjust the bag’s fore-aft position or remove it from the rifle, it’s very quick and easy with ARCA.

Get the Gear

These Cole-Tac products are available directly from Cole-TAC online:

Cole-TAC Backbone Bag Frame

Cole-TAC Flat Bag

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