SHOT Show 2022: RCBS

While at the 2022 SHOT Show, we checked in with RCBS, here’s a summary of what we discussed!

Here’s a quick overview of the products we talked about in this video:

NEW: Chargemaster Link


From the RCBS Chargmeaster Link Product Page:

RCBS, the world leader in powder dispensing is proud to announce the ChargeMaster Link. Based on the rock-solid load cell and electronics of The Link is built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics of our ChargeMaster Lite, the link advances the powder measuring process with built-in Bluetooth that pairs with the updated RCBS app for a customized, streamlined powder dispensing experience.

    • Bluetooth Compatible with free App
    • Can disable audible beeps
    • 0.1 Grain Accuracy; 2000-Grain Capacity
    • Ability to run on external battery pack
    • CE Approved 4 Country Universal Power Supply
    • 16 Segment LCD Touchscreen Display
    • Quick Warm-Up Period
    • Sealed Platen to keep powder out
    • User serviceable infinite lifeshaft seals
    • Optimal dispense tub angle for speed and accuracy
    • Overcharge Warning – Flashing screen

NEW: Chargemaster Supreme


From the RCBS Chargmeaster Supreme Product Page:

RCBS combined all the best features of its existing Chargemaster powder dispensers, refined accuracy to 0.1-grain, added Bluetooth connectivity to customize and streamline your dispensing processes, and built-in our proprietary “Powder Learn Process” to create a best-in-class measuring experience.

    • Bluetooth compatible with free RCBS app
    • Can disable audible beep
    • 0.1-grain accuracy; 1,500-grain load cell capacity
    • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
    • Powder hopper drain alarm (patent pending)
    • 50 memory slots for favorite and Powder Learn charges
    • Available external battery pack adds portability
    • 16-segment LCD touchscreen display

RCBS Matchmaster: 0.04 grain Accuracy


From the RCBS Matchmaster Product Page:

The RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser takes powder dispensing and weighing to the next level. Utilizing Patent Pending dual tube dispense technology most charges can be thrown in under 20 seconds to 0.10 grain accuracy. Pharmaceutical grade scale components enables .04 grain accuracy for the ultimate in precision.

    • One MatchMaster in Match Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as TWO ChargeMasters.
    • One MatchMaster in Standard Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as THREE ChargeMasters.
    • .04 Grain Accuracy in Match Mode
    • Dispenses in under 20 seconds in Standard Mode
    • User adjustable powder dispensing settings allows for fine tuning to reduce dispense times in match mode.
    • A tuned MatchMaster can dispense 38.5gr of H4350 in under 7 seconds in Match Mode
    • Improved quick-drain feature utilizes a flexible tube to drain powder from the bottom of the 1lb hopper, enabling fast changes from one powder to another.
    • Match mode throws a maximum charge of 300 grains; Standard mode can achieve a max charge of 1000 grains
    • Bluetooth app increases functionality:Control up to 8 units simultaneously
    • Pre-configured powder profiles for easy setup
    • Save details about specific loads including photos of group sizes, velocities, etc
    • Can disable audible beep

PREVIEW: Brass Dryer

More information on this dryer will be available shortly!

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