NEW CMMG ZEROED Linear Compensator: Hands-On and In-Depth

CMMG just announced ZEROED- a lineup of muzzle accessories that currently includes linear compensators, and a 22 cal flash hider. In this story we’ll take a hands-on look at the ZEROED 9mm linear compensator!


Here’s the summary from the CMMG ZEROED landing page:

CMMG is kicking off the ZEROED Sub-Brand of accessories with a full line of Linear Compensators for 9mm, 5.56, .308, and .45 ACP calibers, along with a new .22 LR Flash Hider. CMMG ZEROED Linear Comps arm you with the upgrades you need when seeking an enhanced shooting experience – redirecting muzzle blast forward while reducing rise. A compact and sleek improvement to traditional muzzle devices and thread protectors, CMMG ZEROED Linear Comps are made from 303 Stainless Steel with a Nitride finish and can be effortlessly installed with a 3/4″ wrench, enabling you to elevate the performance and look of your gun in a matter of seconds. The CMMG ZEROED .22 LR Flash Hider is the perfect accessory for reducing muzzle flash and protecting the crown of your barrel. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum with an Anodized finish, the CMMG ZEROED .22 LR Flash Hider is the ultimate upgrade for your .22 LR.

Shooting with ZEROED

For my testing, I shot my 9mm CMMG Banshee with a bare muzzle, with the ZEROED Linear Comp, and with the factory brake (which has integral compensation). Here’s a side-by-side of these configurations being shot, side by side from the high-speed video:

As explained in the video, here’s the shooting impressions with each:

  • Bare Muzzle: Gasses pushed forward, low blast in face, most recoil
  • CMMG ZEROED Linear Compensator: Very clean, low blast in face, lessened recoil
  • CMMG Factory Brake with Compensator: Very low recoil, medium blast in face

For the Banshee, the linear compensator is my choice. I’m curious to do more testing with recoil and muzzle rise. For 9mm, these factors are not critical. The more powerful the cartridge (Ex: 308 Winchester) the more critical these factors will become.

In summary, the ZEROED linear compensator is compact, looks good, and works quite well.

Get Yours

To check out ZEROED, you can go to

Here are links to the individual SKUs within this new lineup:

Flash Hider, .22 LR

Compensator, Micro Linear, .308

Compensator, Micro Linear, .45 ACP

Compensator, Micro Linear, 5.56mm

Compensator, Micro Linear, 9mm

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