HANDS-ON: NEW Lee Pro-4000 Press Kit

This year LEE introduced a new comprehensive press kit building on the LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro press: It’s called the LEE Pro 4000, and it includes much of what you’ll need to load ammunition. Oh, and it’s budget conscious too!

In this article we’ll get the press out of the box, set it up, and load some 9mm ammunition. In the next story, we’ll do a caliber changeover, setup the included Safety Prime, and load some rifle ammunition. Let’s get started!

About the LEE Pro-4000 Kit

From the LEE Pro-4000 product page:

Second-generation progressive press priced less than many premium single station presses, the lowest priced 4 station progressive available. It is also the easiest to use progressive press ever made. Everything included to begin reloading nothing else to buy. All the features of the Pro 1000 with an added fourth station to allow Factory crimping and post sizing. Second generation design features a fixed tool head with quick-change bushings. The Safety prime is safe with all brands of primers and makes on press priming fast and dependable. The ideal press for loading well used or mixed range brass. So easy to change you’re going to enjoy using this press for simple case preparation like depriming before tumble cleaning. Deactivate the auto index and it is the handiest single station press ever made. Automatically advances cases up to 2 5/16.” Longer cartridges can be loaded by manually advancing.

*Pro 4000 Kits only* Automatic universal case feeder. Modular construction allows as much or as little automation as the operator desires with no adjustments. Carriage changeover in seconds, including primer size with no adjustments. Color coded spline drive quick change breech lock bushings. *Pro 4000 Kits only* Includes large and small Safety Prime and priming arms. Allows safe dispensing of any brand and size primer. Includes hex wrench for shell plate change and storage rack for tools. Others charge nearly $30 for this feature. Includes ergonomic wood grip roller handle. Others charge nearly $50.00 for this comfort feature. *Pro 4000 Kits only* Bin & Bracket to catch completed rounds. Install and adjust your dies and you can begin reloading. Cartridge changeover in seconds including primer size with no adjustments.

What’s In the Box

The LEE Pro-4000 is a comprehensive kit. Pictured above is the box contents, from left to right:

  • Lee product catalog, instruction booklets
  • Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro press and spent primer discharge tube
  • Lee Auto-Drum powder measure (new style), extra drum (comes with large and small), small parts
  • Case feed system
  • Safety prime systems (large and small primers)
  • Completed cartridge bin, mounting hardware, hex key, lock ring wrench

Setting up the Pro-4000 Kit

The first step is mounting the press assembly to your bench! There are a few great options here:

  • Use bolts to mount directly to your bench (1/4″ x 20 long bolts/nuts/washers, drilling through bench top)
  • Lee sells bench mounts- two examples are their bench plate, and their press stand.
  • Inline Fabrication makes Ultramounts for these presses (as pictured above, quick change model shown)

Following the mounting of the press, the following steps are performed (see video for more detail):

  1. Powder measure is mounted to press, flare is adjusted/confirmed
  2. Powder charge is fine-tuned (included plastic key is used to adjust metering insert)
  3. Sizer die setup is confirmed (raise press carriage to top of stroke, turn in die until it contacts shellplate)
  4. Crimp setting is checked and adjusted if needed
  5. Bullet seating depth is checked/adjusted as needed
  6. Case feed setup is installed and configured if desired (cases can be fed manually)
  7. Sample cartridges are loaded (good idea to check with case gauge)

Loading with the Pro-4000 (Part I)

Getting the Pro-4000 Kit Ready To Load

Once the press is setup, there are just a few things to take care of before loading:

  1. Ensure powder measure is full of the appropriate powder
  2. Fill the Safety Prime system with primers (I’ll cover this in the next story, manual priming was performed for this session)
  3. Hang the completed cartridge bin next to the press (on bracket)
  4. Place a box of bullets in arms reach of the press

45 ACP Load Tested

For this loading session, I used the following load:

Use load data at your own risk. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. Always cross-reference load data with manufacturer’s published data.

Pro-4000 Die Stations

The image above shows the die stations for the Auto Breech Lock Pro press:

  1. Sizing/De-Priming
  2. Powder charge and case mouth expansion (only pistol cases are expanded)
  3. Seating/crimping (can be setup for seating only)
  4. Extra station (can be setup for crimping)

Loading Process

The loading process (manual priming shown here) is very simple once the press is up and running:

  1. Place a bullet at station #3
  2. Pull the lever to the bottom of the stroke
  3. Place a primer in the primer cup
  4. Pull the lever back to the top of its stroke
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

Each time you cycle the press you’ll get a completed cartridge in the cartridge bin!

What’s Next

In the next story covering the Pro-4000, I’ll look at the caliber changeover process, setup some dies for rifle loading, add the Safety Prime system, and load rifle ammunition! Make sure you’re subscribed!

Get Yours at Midsouth Shooters

The Pro-4000 is available in a variety of calibers at Midsouth Shooters Supply:

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