Troubleshooting Bad Accuracy: A Discussion with Gordy Gritters

Have you ever been perplexed by a rifle that “should shoot but won’t”? I know I have! It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed when troubleshooting these kinds of issues, but there’s hope! While at Gordy Gritters’ week long Precision Rifle Building Class, I sat down and discussed with Gordy his systematic approach to isolating and evaluating the mechanical aspects of a rifle in order to determine what problems may be affecting accuracy.

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Now on to troubleshooting rifle accuracy issues!

Rifle Accuracy Evaluation Steps

To summarize from the video, here are the most important things that Gordy checks when evaluating a rifle:

  • Headspace Check and Sizing, Twist Rate
  • Borescope check, bore condition, chamber alignment
  • Slugging barrel, checking bore consistency
  • Muzzle crown
  • Muzzle brake alignment
  • Bolt lug contact
  • Bolt handle clearance
  • Fire pin protrusion, primer strike energy
  • Bedding, check with indicators while tightening action screws
  • Trigger (pull weight, creep, overtravel)
  • Scope and mounts: bases, rings, tracking

I’ll note that each one of these evaluation criteria could be one or more in-depth stories, so please stay tuned as I elaborate on these evaluation steps. I’m working hard to get fully trained (thanks to help from Gordy) and equipped with all of the necessary tools to go “in-depth” on these areas of evaluation.

Do you have specific evaluation criteria that have helped you troubleshoot rifle accuracy? Please leave a comment!

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