Win a Hornady Powder Measure: UR Weekly Update

Time for another weekly update! This time you have a chance to win a Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure and stand!

Last Week’s Winner: Steve Rowe

The question last week was: what are you look for from the NRA? What do you like, what don’t you like. The winner from last week’s challenge is Steve Rowe who outlined multiple aspects of what he’s looking for from the NRA:

Steve, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the NRA. Please contact me so that I can help get your Lyman Case Dryer and KMS Squared press light to you!

This Week’s Challenge

This week it’s all about rifle powders! Here’s the challenge (click below to enter):

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!



2 thoughts on “Win a Hornady Powder Measure: UR Weekly Update”

  1. Sad to see Mr. Rowe is not a devoted NRA member and was selected to win. I’ve been a life member since the early 90s and an Annual renewal member since 1980. After Sandy Hook I mailed a $250 check the next morning knowing the NRA would need money. I give them donations often when they call. LaPierre and Cox do a great job. No one should work for nothing. And talent should be well paid. Their devotion is unrivaled.

    1. My comment was not to covet the prize but to express to some that the NRA executives are devoted. Negative press by their opponents is extremely unfair because the NRA are the best advocates for gun rights. In our overly litigious culture they need support. Ex members being swayed by bad press or a couple of bad financial incidents have no fortitude and may be naive.

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