Win a Lyman Case Dryer + UFO Press Light: UR Weekly Update

Weekly update time! Lots of great things going on (Spring!). I’ve been busy- got a wild Turkey, made Turkey tacos, have finished my new pistol testing bay and LOTS more! Let’s get to it!

Last Week’s Winner: Congratulations Lucas Shutt

Lucas submitted a great story on Facebook about why he things everyone needs a 223! Here’s what Lucas wrote:

I purchased (for my wife😉🤫) a Ruger American Predator .223 Remington because my normal range only goes out to 700 yards. I was hoping that 700 yards would be a challenge with 223. So, after I got the rifle, I picked up some 223 reloading dies and 300 pieces of Starline brass with 73gr Hornady ELD-M bullets. Little did I know that once I had my load developed at 2890fps, with a Standard Deviation of 6fps, hitting 700 yards repeatedly was easy.

So two weeks ago I pushed it out to 1,000 yards with my “portable” range setup. Laying in the box of my pickup shooting at my gong hanging from a 2×4” sawhorse stand. Once I found the correct Elevation and Windage, I started to average a 60% hit ratio. I was extremely happy with that for my first time shooting .223 at 1,000 yards and in a varying direction 12-16mph wind.

I bought the rifle back in September and my wife finally shot “her rifle” on Easter Sunday. She was smacking the 700 yard gong like it was her job and I loved every minute of it. It was just her and I at the range after Easter service which made it even better.

.223 Remington is such an enjoyable cartridge to shoot whether you are a child or an adult and it is a caliber I will always keep around and shoot often. I now have 800 pieces of Starline .223 brass and I will be getting more in the future. My goal is to have 2,000 rounds of my reloads sitting on an ammo shelf in the future, so I’m gonna need a few more pieces.

Main post picture is when I first got the rifle setup, and bought my first batch of Starline brass, bullets, and powder.

And Lucas posted some great pictures as well!

Congratulations Lucas! Please contact me to get your 250 pieces of Starline 223 brass! I know you’ll put it to good use!

This Week’s Challenge

This week you get to air your feelings about the NRA for a chance to win a Lyman Case dryer and a KMS Squared UFO press light!

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


2 thoughts on “Win a Lyman Case Dryer + UFO Press Light: UR Weekly Update”

  1. The NRA is a good organization. They have always promoted safety and responsible gun ownership. The unwarranted attacks upon them is despicable. They will overcome their current debacle. I have no problem they pay executives the salaries they get. To get capable talent an organization has to pay. If there has been an wrongdoing they will have to weed it out. All gun owners should be NRA members because they are financially outgunned by gun control elitists and misinform short minded citizens that vote. I have been a lifetime member for decades and still donate . Buy a friend or family member an NRA membership as a birthday or Christmas present. Take someone to the range and teach them to shoot. Registration leads to confiscation !

  2. Thank you for continuing to post such good, solid content. I have been following you for years. I reload for pistol only, yet you temp me to start loading and shooting rifle with your enticing feature articles.

    Thank you

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