2019 SHOT Show: First 350 Legend AR-15 and New Lineup from CMMG

CMMG had some awesome new updates they shared at the 2019 SHOT Show: an all-new lineup of AR-platform rifles, including the first AR-15 offered in the new 350 Legend chambering!

CMMG New Rifle Lineup

CMMG has simplified their rifle lineup by breaking things into three rifle categories (Banshee, Resolute, Endeavor) and three trim levels (100, 200, 300).

Let’s start with the rifle categories:

The Banshee lineup covers pistols and SBRs, the Resolute lineup covers rifles and carbines, and the Endeavor lineup is made up of long-range oriented AR-style rifles. Each CMMG rifle category also has different “trim levels” which offer choices for price and feature set.

The First 350 Legend AR-15 Offering

CMMG made an announcement at the 2019 SHOT show- they will be the first rifle manufacturer to offer an AR-15 chambered in the new-for-2019 350 Legend cartridge from Winchester! This new rifle from CMMG (Resolute chambered in 350 Legend) will bring a new AR-15 hunting option to states with a straight-wall cartridge requirement for rifle hunting of big game like deer.

Utilizing a 0.357″ projectile, 350 Legend is positioned as an economical deer hunting cartridge with very mild recoil. I’m very curious to get hands-on with 350 Legend to see for myself!

Here’s more about the 350 Legend cartridge:

If you’re curious about the new rifle lineup from CMMG, check out their website!

2 thoughts on “2019 SHOT Show: First 350 Legend AR-15 and New Lineup from CMMG”

  1. Interesting interviews.
    Steve Hornady – much more comfortable talking about his company than the corporate guy from Winchester, who basically just read the press handout and said nothing that we couldn’t read from the website.

  2. so if I buy a typical off the shelf ar 15, say dpms 223/556, can I simply swap out the barrel to a 350 legend and change the magazine size and then I have an ar15-350 legend?

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