Ultimate Reloader Deal: Save $20. on Starline .223 Brass

Recently, I’ve been shooting a LOT of .223 in both AR-15 rifles, and my latest bolt action rifle, the TC Compass chambered in .223 Remington. With the Compass, I’ve had GREAT results with Starline’s new .223 Brass as you can read about here: Budget Precision .223 series on Ultimate Reloader. If you are one of the many shooters and reloaders that depend on Starline for pistol brass, it’s time to take a look at their new selection of rifle brass. Starline’s .223 brass is a good example of how Starline has applied their dedication to quality and value to this new category of products they are offering.

One look at this brass and you’ll see just how nicely produced it is, and at prices that are comparable or lower than brass from other manufacturers. It’s also nice to know that when you buy Starline, you are supporting a USA family business. That’s always a BIG plus in my book!

Until the end of November, you can save $20.00 on an order of 500 pieces of Starline .223 brass. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Starline .223 brass product page
  2. Add 500 pieces of .223 brass to your cart
  3. Check out with user account (can easily create account as part of checkout process)
  4. Apply the “UR223” coupon code (no quotes) at checkout
  5. Complete checkout process

Here’s the deal in a nut shell:

I hope that’s helpful to all of you varminters, AR-15 shooters, and .223 plinkers! This brass is top-quality and will last for many reloadings in my experience.


One thought on “Ultimate Reloader Deal: Save $20. on Starline .223 Brass”

  1. Or get a 1,000 pcs. of .223 brass from Starline and you’ll save 20 bucks over the 500 pc. count without a coupon. Also, remember Starline .223 is not annealed like most if not all of the military brass out there which if you don’t know makes it last longer. So you then have to decide…do I get an annealer, live with the fact that it’s not annealed or go with once fired military brass…decisions…decisions.

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