Special Price on AR-15 Build DVDs

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From the product page:

If you have been wanting to build an AR-15 rifle, this Northwest Gun Magazine Web DVD will serve as a great guide and resource for your build. This affordable web series DVD contains videos that were shot in HD with high-quality sound. Each video clip covers a specific set of assembly or planning steps, and provides you with clear step-by-step instructions. While this DVD is focused on building a precision long-range AR-15, it will serve as a great resource regardless of the type of AR-15 you are building.

10 chapters total including:

1. Planning: preparing for your build
2. Tools: AR-15 and general tools required
3. Upper Part I: ejection port cover / forward assist
4. Upper Part II: barrel / gas block / gas tube
5. Handguard Install
6. Bolt carrier group assembly/dis-assembly
7. Lower Part I: magazine catch / pivot pin
8. Lower Part II: trigger / Grip / Safety
9. Buttstock / takedown pin Install
10. Scope install

Thanks everyone for your support! Proceeds from these DVDs help to fund the work that I do here on http://ultimatereloader.com !


3 thoughts on “Special Price on AR-15 Build DVDs”

  1. I used Gavin’s videos and this DVD to build me and my friends very first AR-15. Very informational and only the info you need to get the job done.

  2. Gavin, what are some recommendations for the buying the parts or the entire AR kit? It’s appears that there are so many different suppliers but everything is on back order for months. Thank you.

  3. I’m sure I’ll more questions about parts, but here’s another one. Surely you can see that I’m a novice, so how does someone like me know which manufacturer to purchase parts from? I don’t want to go strictly off of price, I could end up with a cheap AR-MPR. Thanks for a great video btw, really inspired me to build one. Who knows maybe after this one I’ll do the 308.

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