Loadmaster Loading .223 – 5.56 NATO

In this video, you’ll see how to load .223 / 5.56 NATO ammunition for your AR-15 or other rifle with the Lee Loadmaster progressive reloading press. You’ll see die placement, press setup overview, and progressive reloading operation.

Stay tuned! We’re going to be covering more Lee Loadmaster reloading here on Ultimate Reloader!

19 thoughts on “Loadmaster Loading .223 – 5.56 NATO”

  1. I have a Loadmaster that is not set up sitting in my office. The instructions provided by Lee were… well, sparse. Do you have a video that shows the basics of setting up the press?

  2. Hi Gavin,

    What is the dinging I’m hearing in the background? It seemed to occur at the top of almost every upstroke, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in your other videos.

    And just to be clear on my terminology, “upstroke” refers to the position of the ram and NOT the motion of your arm, correct? In other words, am I right to say that the top of the upstroke occurs when you’ve pulled the lever as far down as possible?

  3. i just bought a loadmaster, after 3 years of reloading with a single stage. is there a bullet feeder for .223/5.56 for the loadmaster?

  4. Hey Gavin, to your recollection were these loads reasonably accurate? I recently made about 300 loads of the same thing on my turret press, but I altered the process…I individually threw each powder load to ensure consistency…may’ve been a bit overkill, but I was just curious to see how much variance there would be if I just threw them using the double dish setup.

    Thanks again, and keep up the videos-they’re all-around informative and useful.

  5. I want to reload 5.56 NATO and have 223 spent federal cases and 5.56 NATO spent federal cases. Can I use the 223 spent cases to make 5.56 NATO loads? Also where can I get reload information on a 5.56 round?

  6. I know it’s not as popular as 223, but does (if available) Lee Loadmaster work with 7mm-08 shells. Thanks, just found this site, and love the instructional videos.

  7. I noticed on your 223 loadmaster video you used federal small primers with no problems, lee states only cci or winchester should be used, is there a reason for this or are they overacting?

  8. What’s the deal with the trimming? Can you please tell me why you are not trimming? I would love to skip this step!!! Thanks!

  9. Gavin, I hope you help me I’m changing my lee loadmaster set up from 223 to 300 win mag im a little confused with the die options also the priming lee is not real helpfull. First the primer feed tube has to be changed i know this but do i have to do anything else like change the primer pin that pushes he primer into the case because the 300 is larger and do i need to do anything with the primer tray, next the dies , im using the pro auto disk and the only thing i can make out from lee is they make a rifle charging die not sure if it is caliber specific also the set up for station 2 would it be the same use a full lenght decapping die remove the pin the same set up for 223 if you could help thanks…..

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