NEW: Lyman Borecam Pro Hands-On

This year Lyman released an all-new version of their digital borecam system, it’s called the Lyman Borecam Pro! This new borecam is wirelesss, and supports HD resolution- and that’s just what I’ve been looking for! In this article we’ll get hands on with this new instrument.

About the Lyman Borecam Pro

From the Lyman Product Page:

Lyman’s new Borecam Pro borescope takes barrel inspec- tion to a whole new level! The wireless Borecam Pro pro- duces its own WiFi signal which sends super clean and detailed images directly to your phone. No wires or monitors to get in the way during use. Carefully inspect your bores for wear, throat erosion, tool marks and other rifling damage, as well as copper or lead fouling. The Borecam Pro will fit 20 caliber and larger barrels and is now equipped with a longer 24” rod. In addition to taking photos, the Borecam Pro now takes sharp, clear videos. The Borecam Pro’s easy-to-use app makes storing and retrieving photos and video simple. Apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

• Wireless WiFi operation
• 720P Resolution for a clean, sharp image
• Fits 20 caliber and larger barrels
• 24” long rod
• Can take photos and video
• Easy to use apps for iOS and Android phones or tablets

What’s In the Box

The Lyman Borecam Pro comes with everything you’ll need to inspect bores (and more) using your phone or tablet as the display and recording device. Here’s what’s included:

  • Borecam instrument
  • Owner’s manual
  • Charger with international power plug adapters
  • Lens cleaning supplies

Installing and Using the Lyman Borecam App

The Lyman Borecam App is required on an iPhone or Android phone/tablet before you can use the Borecam Pro. You can download these apps here:

Lyman Borecam App on the iOS App Store:

Lyman Borecam App on the Google Play Store:

Complete instructions for using the Lyman Borecam app are included in the instructions that come with this tool (you can also read them online HERE). From the instructions, here are the high-level details for the Borecam App:

Basics of using the app:

Taking a photo: simply press the Photo/Video button at the bottom of the APP, or quickly press the button on the handle of the Borecam. You can also “freeze” an image for review by pressing the Hand button on the APP. The APP will then allow you select Save or Cancel. Save will storage the image in your File Folder, Cancel will return you to the live image. To take a video: first press the Mode button on the APP to switch to video function and then press the Photo/Video button. This button will switch to red showing that a video is being recorded. Press it again to stop recording. A video could also be recorded by pressing the button on the Borecam handle for about 1 second. Pressing it again for a second will end the recording.

Example frames from Video

Here are a few example frames from the video above. Please excuse the lint that I didn’t notice that’s obscuring the images- I cleaned the mirror after shooting this video!

Starting with a new barrel:

And a severely shot-out barrel from a 22-250:

Copper fouling in the 22-250 bore:

I’m excited to have this borecam in the shop: the user interface, illumination, and resolution have been greatly improved when compared to the last version of the lyman Borecam- and it’s also reasonably priced.

Get Yours

You’ll find the Lyman Borecam Pro at a variety of retailers, including Midsouth Shooters Supply:

What do you think of this new borecam? Please leave a comment!

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