World Champion Pistol Tips: Become a Better Shooter with Nils Jonasson

Nils Jonasson is a talented competitive shooter for CANiK and the winner of the 2023 Rock Chuck Olympics! Want to improve your pistol shooting? Watch the video and read on! 


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About Nils Jonasson

Nils Jonasson goes by @noskillsnils on Instagram — but don’t let that fool you. Nils is a world champion speed pistol shooter on Team CANiK. He competes in IDPA, USPSA, and 2-Gun. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Pistol Fundamentals

Pistol shooting is something I’d really like to improve upon. Watching Nils compete in RCO was so fun to watch — he’s exceptionally fast and accurate. While I’m a decent shot, I’m also very slow. 

Nils explained that it isn’t necessarily how fast you shoot, but how fast you do everything when you’re not shooting. While split times matter, it’s the transitions between targets that really run the clock. Physically moving between shooting positions is another area where significant time can be lost. If you can reduce time moving from position to position, you gain more time to make better hits. 

Regardless, everything boils down to the shooting fundamentals. For pistol shooting, this includes grip, sight picture, and trigger press. Nils explained that all serious shooters continually work on their fundamentals. 

I’ve covered a number of products well-suited to pistol shooters like the Mark 7 Apex 10 progressive press and have a CANiK Rival-S, but I’m not sure where to start my journey. I don’t plan on winning competitions, but I want to improve and learn new skills.


Nils advised me to do a combination of everything I’ve been considering: be familiar with my gun and equipment, watch a few different types of matches, and jump in! He confirmed that you don’t get good at something without trying, and sometimes failing, first. 


For more information, follow @noskillsnils on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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