Flashbangs from Caldwell! (Awesome Target Hit Indicators)

A huge part of shooting steel is the resulting “ping.” Sometimes it’s hard to hear, especially when the targets are far away. Caldwell’s Flash Bang target hit indicators solve this problem, providing visual feedback for the shooter, spotter, and any spectators.


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About Caldwell Flash Bang AR500 Steel Target Hit Indicators

We heavily relied on the Caldwell Flash Bang during the Rock Chuck Olympics, particularly on our Rifle ELR and Pistol ELR stages.

These indicators provided positive confirmation of questionable hits while making everyone around a bigger part of the experience. 

These small units will mount to any steel target and are incredibly affordable. At $30, replacing them if they are accidentally shot is not a huge loss. In fact, Caldwell is the first company to bring a hit indicator to market that doesn’t eat a hole in your wallet.

From Caldwell

The Caldwell Flash Bang Target Hit Indicator brings new feedback to shooters when using steel targets. Flashing green LED lights are triggered by an impact on the target telling shooters of their hits at extremely long ranges where confirmed hits can be difficult. The self-contained unit features 10 ultra-bright green LED lights that are visible for thousands of yards, even in bright daylight conditions.Powered by 3 “”AA”” batteries (included), the Flash Bang has a battery life of over 30,000 impacts. The Flash Bang is compatible with targets over 5″ and attaches easily with heavy-duty hook and loop material.

What’s in the Box

A single Flash Bang module comes with three name-brand batteries, a 2.5 mm Allen key, two adhesive velcro pads, and instructions.


The installation process is incredibly simple. Make sure the unit is off, unscrew the cover, install the included batteries and screw the cover back on.

You can keep the unit on, but you may get a bright surprise! I chose to turn the unit on only after I’d installed the batteries and faced the lights to the table. It follows a short lighting sequence to confirm it’s working.

Clean the back of whatever target you are mounting the unit to, then apply the adhesive Velcro patch.

The Flash Bang will mount directly to this. 

This patch also provides some vibration isolation to preserve the life of the indicator. 


We’ve been using Flash Bangs for nine months now with zero issues.

They work with both rifle and pistol and have helped us to confirm some impressive hits. One recent feat was engaging D-M Target’s Harold at 1,390 yards with the new 22 ARC! Using subsonic, 75 grain .22 caliber bullets, it was impossible to confirm the hit without the help of the Caldwell Flash Bang.

It’s also important to note the two Flash Bangs on Harold are still working with the original batteries from nine months ago and I haven’t had any Flash Bangs fall off.


Caldwell Flash Bangs have really added a great dimension to our shooting and provide an incredible bang for your buck. 

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