New from AMP: Mark II DB and RAMP Bipod at SHOT Show 2024

We met with Annealing Made Perfect at the 2024 SHOT Show to see an upgraded Mark II and a brand new product!


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About the Mark II DB

The AMP Mark II has set the standard for annealing for some time. AMP is now phasing out the model in favor of the new Mark II DB (Database) which features a touchscreen and allows you to save your own settings per caliber! 

From Annealing Made Perfect

New for 2024 is the MARK II DB (Database) 

We have had a lot of feedback on the Mark I and Mark II annealer over the years. We have decided that now is the time to give the Mark II a new interface to make it easier and more intuitive to use. The Mark II DB comes with all the annealing capabilities of the original Mark II with some added benefits and improvements.

Firstly, and most obviously we have removed the old buttons and LCD interface and replaced them with a more modern touch screen (Similar in feel to a smart phone). We have also added a more powerful processor which allows the user to store many programs that have been generated previously.

Users can now analyze a case using AZTEC mode and then once the setting is generated, name and save that setting which can be loaded for future use.

Changing between annealing settings now is as fast as swapping out the pilot.

We have simplified the feel of the annealer by making animations, text and layout clear and to the point, which we feel will enhance the ergonomics of the annealer greatly.

In order to pass FCC/EMC and electrical safety testing there are additional internal shielding enclosures which isolate the screen from any source of high voltage. These additional manufacturing requirements do come with a cost and we have to slightly increase the price of the new model to $1675 USD.

One major benefit of these enclosures is that this touch screen will be user replaceable. If there is a problem with the touch screen for whatever reason, say you drop something heavy on it and crack it, you don’t need to have it shipped back to us to fix. Now you can simply remove the old one and install a new one.

Another small update we have made is changing over to the much more abundant USB-C type port replacing the antiquated USB printer port. We hope to release the MARK II DB in late March. We will provide updates on the release date.

About the RAMP Bipod 

The RAMP bipod (Rapid Adjustable Modular Platform) is Matt Findlay’s own invention. Whenever he shot a precision rifle match he’d inevitably incorrectly guess the bipod height and struggle to adjust it mid stage, so he created a solution.

RAMP allows for quick one-handed bipod adjustments without having to leave the scope. It mounts to the rifle via ARCA, Picatinny rail or sling mount and is compatible with any bipod that uses these systems.

This is ideal for F-Class, precision rifle, and hunting. It has a removable handle and silently collapses with the push of a button. The RAMP is still a concept. I’ll be receiving one of the first samples for evaluation and I want to know what you think! Expected MSRP is $500 to $600. 


The quality of annealing does not change, but the Mark II DB offers an upgraded experience. I’m also particularly excited to test RAMP. Are you interested in the concept? Let us know!!! 

Also, remember to upgrade your AMP Press software

Get the Gear

The Mark II DB should be available late March 2024! Watch the AMP website for updates!

You can also find the AMP Press and AMP Mark II on their site as well. 

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