Top Three Budget Hunting Rifles with Who-Tee-Who

Adam Wies, Mr. Who-Tee-Who, competed in the 2023 Rock Chuck Olympics and earned the Bronze Rock Chuck award. While in Washington, we talked budget rifles! 


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About Adam Wies

Adam Wies, better known as Who-Tee-Who, or Who-Tee for short, is best known for bolt guns, hunting, candid reviews and for communicating with his fans. He aspires to reach the everyday person, focusing largely on budget-oriented products and experiences. 

Gavin Gear & Adam Wies at Rock Chuck Olympics 2023

Budget Bolt Guns

Viewers are always asking Adam what his picks are for budget hunting rifles. Having spent thousands of dollars and producing lots of content around bolt action hunting rifles, he swears by the Savage Axis, Ruger American and CVA Cascade.

Typically the Savage Axis is the most affordable, followed by the Ruger American and the CVA Cascade.

While you will save money with the Savage Axis and Ruger American, it may take some testing (and money) to find a factory load that works well in them. (If you handload, this isn’t an issue.) Adam’s personal favorite on the list is the CVA Cascade.

Though a bit more expensive, approximately $600 retail, it comes with a better barrel, better trigger, better finish, and a threaded muzzle. He’s also found the CVA Cascade isn’t as “ammo-picky.” That said, Adam has found multiple loads that perform well in each of the rifles and each will generally shoot better than the hunter using it can.


For more info, check out, @WHOTEEWHO on Youtube, @who_tee_who on FaceBook and @mrwho_tee_who_ on Instagram and Twitter.

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