Ultradyne UD Carbon Tripod & Ballhead

We’ve been doing a lot of shooting off tripods lately. This time, we’re testing the Ultradyne UD Carbon Tripod and Orbit Ballhead!




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About the Ultradyne UD Carbon Tripod

The Ultradyne UD Carbon Tripod comes in a compact zipped case. It comes without a ball head, but several Ultradyne offerings are easily installed. Each leg has three ratcheting positions and they can be flipped up or down for easy storage. 

From Ultradyne USA

The Ultradyne Carbon Tripod is a versatile and durable piece of equipment that is suitable for both competition and remote hunting locations. It comes with two different stud sizes, 3/8″-24 and 1⁄4″-20, which accommodates a wide range of accessories such as cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifles. This tripod can support up to 50 lbs.

The UD Carbon Tripod is adjustable, making it suitable for anyone and any shooting position. It can be adjusted from 6.75″ to 69.75″ from the ground. The center column is also adjustable up to 12” allowing users of multiple heights the ability to look through the same optic with a quick twist of the column locking nut.

The legs of this tripod are made of multi-layered carbon, making them lightweight and compact. This makes the tripod easy to transport and set up, even in difficult or remote locations. Overall, the Ultradyne Carbon Tripod is a high-quality piece of equipment that is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile tripod.

This tripod comes with rubber feet and spike feet.

I swapped the spikes for the rubber immediately for better traction on the ridgeline. A hook underneath allows you to hang a shooting bag or add weights for stability. 

About the UD Orbit Ballhead + ARCA-Pic Clamp + Dynalock

There are several variations, but we settled on the UD Orbit Ballhead with ARCA, Picatinny and Dynalock to keep the gun from moving. I also especially liked the thumbwheel on this head as it was simple to use and reach. I was able to keep one eye through the scope and one on the scope level while operating it. 

From Ultradyne USA

The Ultradyne Orbit Ballhead is designed specifically for Shooters, with the adjustment wheel strategically located under the forearm. This unique design feature allows the shooter to operate without the need to reposition the hand away from the shooting position.

The Orbit is designed to work with Arms 17S style clamps, including the Ultradyne Arca Clamp and the Ultradyne Arca-Pic Clamp. When used in combination with the UD Chassis and UD Launchpad, a full range of aiming with almost no recoil is achievable.

You can open the clamp and insert an ARCA or Picatinny rail piece. Dynalock keeps the rails in place. When you push on it, it sends two small pieces into the rail to lock it down. This head also has a tension knob to easily adjust the rifle.


I shot several rifles off this tripod including a 6mm ARC in Ultradyne UD7 chassis and a .22 LR at a KYL and rockchuck targets from D-M Targets.

While engaging the KYL target, I discovered it was pretty simple to find a tension level that allowed me to pan and tilt but keep the gun stable.


One unique feature of Ultradyne’s tripod is the ability to remove one of the legs to make a monopod.

Simply unscrew the marked leg and remove the ballhead and base. Remove the stud from the base and screw it into the single leg, then add the head. Reversing the process brings the tripod back to life. 


This versatile tripod can be used in a variety of scenarios. The Orbit ballhead with ARCA, Picatinny and Dynalock only enhances the value of this piece. 

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