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Ultradyne is well known for muzzle brakes and iron sights, no Ultradyne also makes a chassis! We’re taking a close look at their UD7 chassis and working in Cerakote! 


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About the Ultradyne UD7 Chassis

There are three different models of the UD Chassis: the UD3, UD5, and UD7. We settled on the UD7. 

From Ultradyne USA:

The Ultradyne Chassis is crafted from a solid bar of 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum for exceptional strength and durability. The one-piece design weighs between 1.1 and 1.3 pounds, depending on the model. This makes it suitable for both hunting rifles that weigh as little as 6 pounds and long range target rifles that weigh up to 16 pounds. When paired with the Ultradyne Adjustable Butt Stock, it is lighter than most factory stocks yet has the ability to add up to 5 pounds with optional weights.

The Ultradyne Chassis is packed with features including an adjustable magazine release lever, compatibility with AICS magazines, ability to work with any Mil-Spec butt stock, a built-in Arca rail, M-LOK slots on three sides, and Dynalock technology to ensure a secure fit. The action is held in place with V-channel bedding that can accommodate free-floated barrels up to 1.35 inches in diameter.


      • 6061 T6 Aluminum
      • Cerakote Finish
      • Butt stock Interface: Mil Spec
      • Grip Interface: Mil Spec A2
      • Magazine Interface: AICS
      • 1.35” Max. Barrel Diameter


      • 21 oz
      • 18.5” length, 10.8” Arca Length
      • 20 M-LOK Slots

What’s in the Box

I actually have this chassis system “in the white” — completely uncoated. I specifically requested this so I can sandblast and Cerakote it to truly make it my own. This means the box contents aren’t exactly how you would receive them. 

Regardless, I received the UD7 backbone with seven mounting slots in one box along with action screws, mag release and mag catch assembly. A second box contained the buttstock. While there are several configurations you can order, a backbone, buttstock and grip will cost about $700. 

The buttstock attaches similarly to an AR buttstock. The stock itself has a bag rider, but we have weighted bag riders as well (2.0 lbs and 1.5 lbs). 

We also have the UD Double Thumb Rest Grip, UD Bridge, UD Spigot, several different weights (0.7 lb, 0.5 lb. each, 0.25 lb. each), and a UD ARCA Dynalock rail. The holes in this rail form a unique locking system to prevent accessories from sliding.


I knew right away I wanted this chassis to be multi-colored, but with black accessory accents. I settled on Blue Titanium Cerakote and Tequila Sunrise Cerakote. The inspiration for these colors came from Cerakote’s gallery of finished projects, specifically a GLOCK coated by Maniacal Arms LLC in Louisiana. 

This project took some extra skills I learned during my Certified Applicator Training at Cerakote. When you have more than one color, there is a very specific process you have to go through. Most of the steps are the same as when you have one color. I wiped the parts down, let them sit in acetone, blew them off with compressed air, and blasted them with 100 grit aluminum oxide in the SKAT Blast. 

Acetone Tank

Ultradyne’s chassis is composed of aluminum, which made the Cerakote process especially smooth. This soft metal was very easy to work with the exception of any anodized parts, like the spigot. 

Sandblasting to Prepare for Cerakote

After blowing off the pieces again, I mixed the Cerakote, starting with Titanium Blue, and applied three coats.

I traditionally stick to two coats with solid colors, but I’ve discovered that some colors, like Titanium Blue, need a third coat for proper coverage. 

In order to add Tequila Sunrise, I needed to mask the chassis without leaving fingerprints and without allowing the solvent from the next coat to eat into the previous layer. This required a flash cure. Bake the part for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees. I kept checking to see when my fingerprints wouldn’t stay on nondescript areas. When it was ready, I let the chassis cool and went on to mask the areas I wanted to keep blue with high heat tape. 

Masking for Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise only took two coats before heading into the Light Armor Powder Oven for another flash cure. After this, I removed the masking and conducted a full 250 degree cure for 2 hours. 

When everything had emerged from the oven and cooled, I considered adding a clear coat for a different sort of luster, but decided not too with so many layers already applied. 

Light Armor Cerakote Oven

I use the Light Armor 2500B powder oven and consider it the best deal available, especially if you use the code OVEN125 for $125 off any oven with a circulating fan. Check it out!

Putting it Together 

While I had several choices, I settled on putting our full-custom 6GT in this chassis to test with a ZeroTech scope. The BAT TR barreled action fit perfectly and the chassis assembly was straightforward. 

To test the gun, we added the Area 419 Maverick and fed it with Sierra 107 SMK’s off a TwoVets Tripod


Working with the UD7 chassis gave me an opportunity to exercise my creativity and really put my Cerakote Certified Applicator Training to the test. There are a number of accessories and options offered by Ultradyne alone for this chassis, allowing you to truly make it yours! 

Get the Gear

Order and customize your UD Chassis from

The UD ARCA Dynalock Rail is available separately. 

If you’re interested in taking the Cerakote Certified Applicator training, I would suggest enrolling ASAP as there’s a bit of a waitlist.

H-185 Blue Titanium Cerakote

H-309 Tequila Sunrise Cerakote

H-100 Catalyst 

Light Armor LA2500 B Customizable Curing Oven – OVEN125 saves you $125 on ovens with circulating fan

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