New Rifles from Bergara at SHOT Show 2023

Bergara’s Collin Russell took the time to walk us through Bergara’s new offerings released at the 2023 SHOT Show. We’ve already had hands-on experience with the all new Bergara B-14² Crest and fell in love with it. 


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New Rifles

Russell explained that this year, Bergara is filling in some gaps in their existing lineup as well as releasing some new offerings. To recap the current families, Bergara has the B-14 series, B-14 Wilderness line and Premier series. New to the Wilderness series is a carbon option for the Wilderness Ridge and Wilderness HMR

We had the chance to shoot the Wilderness Ridge Carbon in 6.5 Creedmoor on range day and were super impressed with it. This lightweight rifle comes in at about 6.6 pounds and should have a street price around $1300.

Gavin shooting Bergara Wilderness Carbon 6.5 Creedmoor at Range Day

Russell recently harvested an antelope with this rifle and found it not only a pleasure to carry but accurate as well, even with a suppressor. The Ridge features a traditional hunter-style stock that is still quite popular, though other Bergara models offer various other options.

The Wilderness HMR Carbon is 2.2 pounds lighter than the standard steel version, which we’ve highlighted on the channel. The HMR has the features of a PRS-style rifle but saves on weight, making it ideal for an NRL Hunter match. 

Perhaps the biggest news from Bergara is the new Bergara B-14² Crest, which falls between the Premier and Wilderness series. We’ve spent a good bit of time with the Crest, the first offering in Bergara’s new B-14² line. 

We added a BANISH 30 suppressor, though I also appreciate the included brake, which is slim, easy to remove, and has a low-profile. Perhaps our favorite thing about the Crest is its ergonomics. Russell agreed the stock is what sets the Crest apart. It is of monocoque construction, completely made by Bergara, and a pleasure to shoot. It is currently available in 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and 300 Win Mag. Russell noted that even with the insane wins on SHOT Show range day, attendees consistently had 900 yard shots on steel. 


This year we’re looking forward to doing more work with the Bergara B-14² Crest as well as pushing the limits of Bergara’s competition series rifles.

Bergara B-14² Crest at Range Day

What are your thoughts on Bergara’s new hunting rifles for this year?

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