Quick Look: Lyman Pro-Drive Torque Wrench

I’ve had my eye on Lyman’s Pro-Drive Torque Wrench for a while — now I have the perfect opportunity to use it! 


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About the Lyman Pro-Drive Torque Wrench

Setting up a brand-new Anschutz 54 benchrest rifle, I decided to use the Lyman Pro-Drive Torque Wrench for the scope installation. 

This wrench goes from 10 inch-lbs. to 80 inch-lbs., so it will do anything you need it to. It comes with a wide selection of bits as well as a ½ inch socket, which is often used for scope ring bases. 

From Lyman: 

The Lyman Torque Wrench is a must for accuracy minded shooters and gunsmiths. The Lyman Torque Wrench will allow you to safely and correctly attach scope bases, scope rings, action screws and other fasteners to firearms. Correct screw torque prevents damage to screw threads, screw heads, threaded surfaces and optics. Consistent screw torque will also help get the best accuracy from your firearm.

Mounting the Scope 

With the rail in place and screws ready to go, I installed the correct torx bit from the kit. Pulling the orange sleeve down and turning in allows you to set the torque. 

I did my research: 20 inch-lbs. for the rail, 45 inch-lbs. for the ring base and 25 inch-lbs. for the ring caps. The steel wrench has a graduated micrometer for adjustment to the single inch-lb. 

I was sure to include some blue Loctite on the screw threads for the rail. As I torqued the screws down, I moved between the two, turning them some at a time until I felt resistance and heard the telltale click indicating the desired torque was reached. 

Next I continued with standard scope mourning procedure — tightening the rings bases until they made contact and determining the proper location for the Athlon scope before torqueing the bases down. 

To secure the ring caps, I removed the bit and made the caps hand-tight so I could still rotate the scope to level it in the rings. When I started torqueing the screws down, I was certain to do so in an alternating diagonal pattern. 


I liked the feel of the breakaway on this wrench when reaching the desired torque. I also appreciated the graduated micrometer and easy adjustments. While it comes with a nice selection of bits, it will work with any other ¼ inch bits you have lying around. 

Get the Gear

You’ll find the Lyman Pro-Drive Torque Wrench at Midsouth Shooters Supply:

Anschutz 54.18 Match BR50-U7 20” Threaded (shown on video):

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