TESTED: Berger 156 gr. EOL Elite Hunter Ammunition

Looking for an edge? If you’re a 6.5 PRC hunter or enthusiast, Berger’s 156 Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) grain factory ammunition can help you push the limits of your equipment. 


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About Berger 6.5 PRC 156 gr. Elite Hunter Factory Ammunition

I’ve previously tested Berger’s 6.5 mm 156 EOL bullets in 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC with great success. Here’s the videos from those stories:

6.5 Creedmoor

6.5 PRC

Berger is now offering factory-loaded 156 gr. EOL 6.5 PRC ammunition for those who don’t reload or don’t have time to.

From bergerbullets.com:

Berger’s 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) 156 Grain Elite Hunter ammunition utilizes Berger’s 156 gr Elite Hunter bullet, which is the heaviest-in-class bullet which is a favorite for serious handloaders and accuracy enthusiasts stalking mid-to-large sized game. This allows non-handloaders to get the most accuracy and performance on game that they can get from the 6.5 PRC cartridge.

New 6.5 PRC Elite Hunter ammunition proves that elk are no match for the 156 Grain bullet. Berger Elite Hunter ammunition is assembled with the finest premium cartridge cases, clean burning and temperature stable propellant, and Berger’s field-tested Elite Hunter projectiles. Berger Elite Hunter ammunition features a high BC, hybrid-ogive Elite Hunter bullet intended for serious hunters demanding an ethical, long-range precision solution. Elite Hunter bullets utilize Berger’s J4 Hunting Jacket, which allows 2-3″ penetration before producing extreme hydrostatic shock and a massive wound cavity to the vitals. The Elite Hunter deposits its energy where most effective, inside the animal.

This round is intended for big game hunting and with a 156 grain bullet, pushes weight limits.


Test Rifle 1: Bergara HMR Wilderness 6.5 PRC

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Test Rifle 2: MDT HNT 26 Ultra-Light-Weight Full-Custom

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I shot this ammunition in my full-custom 6.5 PRC and my Bergara B-14 Wilderness HMR for some test rifle variety. We also shot suppressed and unsuppressed.

The test began with the Bergara and BANISH 30 suppressor equipped with Cole-Tac corset cover. I shot two five round groups suppressed and two unsuppressed. I shot suppressed only with the full-custom rifle, varying the rate of fire instead – slow-fire vs. standard pacing. I didn’t chronograph the slow-fire string, waiting approximately 10 minutes between each shot or so. 

We averaged 2866.4 fps with an average standard deviation of 9.6 fps. Both of these rifles have 24” barrels. Bergara lists 2,960 fps from a 26” barrel. The best results we had were with the HNT26 full custom suppressed rifle: average of 28896 fps, 5.1 fps sd and an extreme spread of 13. This gun also had the best groups, though all groups measured about 1 MOA with the factory ammunition. Keep in mind none of this ammo is handloaded and tuned to specific rifles.  

We didn’t just depend on chronographs and group sizes —we also used Clear Ballistics gel.  The bullet went 18″ through two blocks of gel, causing a ripple of destruction through the first. 

The peak cavity measured approximately 12 inches – picture a basketball! The bullet core didn’t separate from the jacket and gained 133% over the original diameter.

Berger 156 EOL Bullets Before and After Ballistics Gel Test

It also retained 46% of its original weight. 


I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Berger 156 gr. Elite Hunter ammunition on elk-sized game and was impressed with the performance, particularly the 12 inches of damage at the bullet’s peak. 

Get the Gear! 

Berger lists an MSRP of $74.99 for a 20-count box of 6.5 PRC 156 gr. Extreme Outer Limits Elite Hunter Rifle Ammunition. Creedmoor Sports stocks the 6.5 Creedmoor version

Creedmoor Sports also sells the Berger 156 grain EOL 6.5mm bullets separately!

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