How to DETECT and AVOID the Giveaway Scam!

There’s a malicious scam going around! People are falsely posting on YouTube that people have won a prize, and in some cases, they will steal your money! In this story I’ll show you how to spot this scam, and what to do if you see it!

Spotting the Scam

The scam is pretty easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here’s an example scam reply to a legitimate comment on YouTube:

You can see here that this is NOT a legitimate account name:

If you text these people, they may ask for you to pay shipping for an item you’ve supposedly won. This is a scam, and is NOT how Ultimate Reloader conducts giveaways, you will NEVER be asked to pay for product or shipping related to a giveaway.

How to Identify a Legitimate YouTube account

If you see a comment, and want to confirm that it’s legitimate, look at the user account name- and click on it to confirm that it is indeed the channel that it’s supposed to be:

In the above case, you’d click on “gavintoobe” the account name for Ultimate Reloader, and confirm that you see the correct stats and videos.

What To Do

If you see this scam, please report it, and mark it as spam on YouTube.

If you’ve been taken by this scam, call your financial institution ASAP to get things taken care of. I hope this helps people avoid this and other scams!

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