Affordable Pro Cerakote Oven: Light Armor 2500B (plus save $100)

If you’re looking for a Cerakote Oven that’s not going to break the bank, check out this story as we take a look at the Light Armor LA2500B! Plus, using the UR100 code will save you $100.00!


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As you’ve seen on the Channel, I have taken the Cerakote Training, and I am building a complete Cerakote facility here at the Ultimate Reloader Shop.
A critical point in the process has been sourcing the right Cerakote Oven. I’ve seen people addressing this need with solutions from Down and Dirty DIY Creations like converting Smokers or Gun Safes, to high end Commercial Solutions costing upwards of $6,000. I was looking for a Medium Duty Shop solution that would get the best job done without breaking the bank. I didn’t have time for the DIY Projects, so turning to Light Armor was the way to go. Also, I know that in the future I can get multiple ovens to dedicate each station to different temperatures if needed. Another note, this oven was the perfect fit because the LA2500B can make it through an interior 36″ Door. I Took off my shop door to give the temperature control box clearance.

Let’s take look inside the Oven!

Inside the Oven

Here’s the features/specs for the LA2500B I ordered:

  • Covered Element
  • Interior Hanging Option (actions, pistol parts)
  • Convection Fan (on outside): important for Cerakote
  • Power Cord – twist lock
  • Dimensions: 5′ Interior height
  • 60″ interior height as advertised
  • Adjustable Door Latch
  • 29″ W but 33″ w controller box
  • 33.5″ D (plus convection blower fan)

Here’s what I did to get things going (a straightforward process):

  • Uncrated oven
  • Moved to location on wheeled dolly
  • Wired in twist lock receptacle (you’ll need 2 hot legs, a neutral line, and a ground wire)
  • Hooked up power cord (twist lock on both ends)
  • Turned oven on
  • Hold left arrow to set temp: 350* for test, set and wait
  • Waited about 10 minutes for the oven to come up to temp, vacillates between 348-352, (on and off respectively)
  • Put an AR Lower lower into the oven for a few minutes, observed temperature reading of 334* with a laser thermometer

The oven is now “burned in”, tested, and ready to put to work!

Specs and Options

From the Light Armor LA2500B product page, the following options are listed:

Description from the product page:

Wall receptacle sold separately. For information regarding oven add-ons, please check the “Oven Addons” page.

Modest in both size and price, the LA2500 is the perfect oven for those working on a budget and who are working with smaller batches. It’s also a popular choice for cerakoters.

If you’re wanting to use a LA2500 with a blower fan addon at temperatures above 375F, we strongly recommend a heating element upgrade in order to reach temperatures of up to 500F for the best results.

Whole Series of Options: 2500B best starter Option

Save $100

Don’t forget $100 off your Oven Order: UR100

Cant wait to get started with my Oven Projects, stay tuned as I document my legit Cerakote paint booth build and some awesome Cerakote projects!


One thought on “Affordable Pro Cerakote Oven: Light Armor 2500B (plus save $100)”

  1. Thank you for doing a review of this oven
    I ended up buying the same one with same options.
    I am wondering what size wire and breaker you used to wire in the plug?
    I am just getting started into cerakote and look forward to trying this
    Thank you
    Jon stalnaker

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