The Final Scope Level (Short Action Customs)

This article was written by Travis Fox

The SAC Final Scope Level is a simple but precise tool that can yelp you mount scopes for precision rifle shooting, and help you prevent some of the frustration and issues that are common with this task!


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What’s in the Box

This chunk of aluminum has been precision machined for a simple but very precise job. Included in the kit is a Starrett bubble level and paracord loop for a plumb bob, as well as mounting hardware.

About the SAC Scope Level

The SAC Final Scope Level allows for multiple mounting options. The Level unit can be mounted to an ARCA rail compatible tripod, in a bench vise or onto SAC mounts. The ARCA Mounting Base or the Mutil-Base tool. Lots of options to the end user.

Mounting the Athlon Ares BTR Gen 2 4.5-27X50mm,  new XLR rings and a bubble level require level mounting. Mounting your scope level to the rifle is a vital part of the process for accuracy. 

Mounting the Final Scope Level to our Two Vets QDT Tripod with the 55mm Ball head is a possibility when in the field.

Here at Ultimate Reloader when in the shop we use the bench mounted vice. This allows for the ultimate scope mounting process.

Once you have mounted but not torqued the rings to correct eye relief distance then you move the scope/ring construct to the SAC Final Scope Level. Once the Final Scope Level is in position on the vice, use the Starrett level on the flat surfaces to make sure all planes are level. Now the vertical reticle is matched to the Paracord loop/ plumb bob at 50 yards or more for a level scope. While you torque the ring caps down in sequence observe the reticle to make sure it stays in correct alignment.

Our tests show that this method using the SAC Final Scope Level works very well. Rather than relying on levels placed on the outside machined scope body which can potentially have machining errors or stacking tolerances we use the actual reticle itself. If the reticle is not in correct alignment inside the scope it may be seen at this time. 

Athlon Ares 4.5-27x50mm Review

If you are interested in the full scope review (article here) for the scope shown in this article, check out the full video here:

Get the gear!

Here’s links for the gear we showed in this article:

Short Action Customs Final Scope Level

Short Action Customs ARCA Base

Two Vets Tripods

Athlon Ares BTR

XLR Rings

Wheeler F.A.T. Stix

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