NEW Forster Accu-Ring, Hands-On

Forster just released a new product that will make it easier to setup your dies, it’s called the Accu-Ring. In this story we’ll show you how it works, and why you’ll want to get your own!

About the Forster Accu-Ring

From the Midsouth Shooters Supply Product page:

Accu-Ring Cross Bolt Die Lock Ring (Anodized and Laser Marked)
by Forster

Midsouth now carries the new Accu-Ring from Forster. The Accu-Ring makes setting up your Sizing Die easier by giving you reference marks in thousandth of an inch increments (.001″). To use these reference marks, simply use a fine marker to put a point of reference line on your die. Turn the die clockwise to increase the amount of shoulder bump or counterclockwise to decrease the shoulder bump (i.e. increase case’s headspace length).

There are many other factors that could influence the final amount of shoulder bump during sizing. Ductility of the brass or springback, type of case lube used, pulling an expander ball through the neck and the amount of slack in the linkage of your reloading press are a few things that cause variation in shoulder bump of sized cases. The reference marks on your lock ring will help you to zero in on what you want the headspace length of your cases to be.

Remember to lock up the Accu-Ring completely after you make an adjustment before you size a case again. Otherwise you will obtain inconsistent results if the ring is not tightened.

Another use is for non-micrometer seating dies, instead of guessing with your seating stem, you can make fine adjustments to your seating depths using the Accu-Ring.

Scenario 1: Sizing Die

We set up a sizing die to show how you can precisely adjust sizing die depth. Here’s what that looked like:

After threading the Accu-Ring onto the die and inserting it into the Forster Co-Ax Press, we took a black sharpie to mark it.

This will help you precisely control your sizer die setups.

Scenario 2: Seating Die

If you don’t have a micrometer on your bullet seating die, there are two ways to adjust bullet seating depth:

  1. Adjusting seater plug
  2. Adjusting die height in press

If you’re adjusting bullet seating depth by means of die height, the Accu-Ring is a great tool for this job!

Let’s see how this will work! We seated the bullet in the Forster Co-Ax press, then zeroed the micrometer. Then, we adjusted the Seating Die as .002 indicated by the Accu-Ring, and ran it through press again. Our Micrometer read -.002, as it should have:

If you’re looking for a quick and accurate way to adjust your seating depths, this looks like a great way to go!

Get the Gear

You can get the Forster Accu-Ring on Midsouth Shooters Supply

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