Hands-On: Hornady Auto Charge Pro Electronic Powder Dispenser

The Auto Charge Pro is the latest electronic powder dispenser from Hornady. In this story, we’ll get hands on: starting with unboxing, and ending with multiple powder tests!

About the Hornady Auto Charge Pro

From the Hornady Product Page:

The Hornady® Auto Charge Pro provides precise, customizable powder dispensing in an easy-to-use, space-saving unit. Precise to within 0.1 grain, the Auto Charge Pro offers customizable trickle speeds for various powder types, as well as custom time settings.

Store settings for up to four custom loads or use the factory setting. The backlit touch screen is easy to read, while a large knob on the side simplifies powder emptying.


    • Backlit touch screen
    • Large powder capacity
    • Built-in bubble level
    • Smaller footprint than competing brands

Here are the changes compared to the original version:

  • Completely different layout and form-factor
  • Modernized load cell
  • Internal tube profile is updated
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Drain improvements

What’s In the Box

As pictured above, the Hornady Auto Charge Pro comes with the following: (clockwise from top)

  • Auto Charge Pro unit
  • Platen
  • AC adapter with international plug adapter
  • Powder reservoir lid
  • Calibration weights
  • Pan
  • Cleaning brush
  • Owner’s manual and literature
  • Wind Screen

Preparing the Auto Charge Pro for Use

Preparing the Auto Charge Pro for use is as simple as the following:

  1. Plug in the unit and turn on
  2. Install platen (set in place)
  3. Set calibration weights into sockets
  4. Install wind screen
  5. Wait 30 minutes
  6. Calibrate

The calibration sequence is very simple:

  1. Hold down the calibration button
  2. When “10g” is displayed (flashing), place the 10g weight on the platen, with 10g is not flashing, remove the 10g weight from the platen
  3. When “50g” is displayed (flashing), place the 50g weight on the platen, with 50g is not flashing, remove the 50g weight from the platen
  4. Wait for “PASS” to be displayed

Test #1: Hodgdon CFE 223

My first test with the Auto Charge Pro was with Hodgdon’s CFE-223 powder. This is a ball powder I use frequently for cartridges like 223/5.56.

These charges were set to 24.0 grains which would be typical for something like 223 Remington. With default settings (0.7 speed, 0.7 trickle), it took 18 seconds to dispense a charge. I decided to increase the speed to 1.0, but it didn’t have a meaningful effect on the time to dispense charges. I also didn’t see any overcharges, they were all right on!

Test #2: Hodgdon Varget

Next up was Hodgdon Varget- probably the powder I used most often for rifle reloading! This short stick powder is a good example of today’s typical powder characteristics.

I increased these charges to 54.0 grains which would be typical for something like 30-06 with light bullets (approx. 120 grains). The first 54 grain charge was dispensed in just 20 seconds, only 2 seconds longer than the 24.0 grain charges with CFE-223!

Next I increased the settings from the default settings (0.7 speed, 0.7 trickle) to 1.5 speed and 0.7 trickle, and that caused the dispensing time to drop to about 18 seconds.


I had great results with the Auto Charge Pro. With its optimized form factor (screen is closer to your face!), generous capacity, enhanced load cell, and smooth operation, this powder dispenser is a big upgrade from the original Auto Charge! Like Hornady’s other recently updated scales, this unit performed perfectly with no scale drift or inconsistencies.

Get it At Midsouth

As of the writing of this article, the Auto Charge Pro is on sale at Midsouth and is IN STOCK:

If you are looking for a quality electronic powder dispenser, this would be a great pick!

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