My Most Sensitive Scale: AND EJ-54D2 (0.003 grains)

When you’re reloading precision ammunition, a precision scale is critical. Accurate and consistent powder charges are paramount not only for precision shooting, but also for your own personal safety! In this story, we’ll take an in-depth look at an incredibly precise and affordable scale from AND: the EJ-54D2!

About the EJ-54D2 Precision Scale

The EJ-54D2 precision scale is capable of sending 0.003 grains! That’s 1/2,300,000 th of a pound! (1 pound, divided by 2.3 Million!). For reference, most scales can sense only about 0.1 grain. So this scale is about 33 1/3 times as sensitive!

From the Cambridge Environmental product page:

Looking for a reloading scale with great value and great precision….
A&D Newton EJ-54D2 High Precision Portable Scale with USB Connection

If you ever used in the past the:

Denver Instruments MXX-123
Sartorius AY123 or Acculab VIC-123
This is the direct replacement for an affordable accurate precision reloading scale that uses Load Cell Technology. This is NOT A STRAIN GAUGE like Previous MXX-123 AY123 or VIC-123

22g x 0.0002g / 339.512 x 0.003gn
52g x 0.001g / 833.347 x 0.02gn

AC or 4 “AA” Battery
Please Note this Scale Can not be used with the Autotrickler

What’s In the Box

The AND EJ-54D2 Dual Range Scale (I got mine with USB connection for this story, separate SKUs) comes with the following as pictured above:

  1. EJ-54D2 Scale assembly with quick-detach wind screen and pan
  2. AC adapter
  3. Plastic door (where included pre-installed USB module plugs in)
  4. USB cable
  5. Instruction manuals
  6. Hodgdon basic reloading manual
  7. Calibration weight (sold separately, for a limited time get it free with this scale using UltimateReloader code!)

This is all you need to start precision weighing!

USB Interface

Here’s where this scale goes from “good to great”! If you order the scale with the optional USB interface (which you can add later), you have a legit HID device (USB Human Interface Device) that will input measurement values into ANY program as if you were typing with a USB keyboard.

There are some distinct advantages over RS-232 serial connected scales:

  1. You don’t need any special software
  2. You don’t have to perform tedious setup (baud rate, stop bits, …, …, …)
  3. It’s reliable and super-fast (see video)

Based on how often I gather scientific weight data, this is a huge win for me!


Calibrating the EJ-54D2 is very easy! Here’s the steps:

  1. Warm up the scale (power on) for at least :30
  2. Press the calibration button on the bottom of the machine (under plastic door)
  3. Follow the instructions on screen  (and in included book), the scale will calibrate with the empty platen, and with the calibration weight

You’ll need a calibration weight (don’t forget you can get a calibration weight free with this scale using UltimateReloader code!), and that’s about it!

Testing Results

I performed a few tests with the EJ-54D2, starting with individual grains of a smokeless powder I use frequently: Hodgdon Varget. I thought these weighed about 0.02 grains each, and you can see in the picture above they came in at .090 grains / 4 granules = 0.0225 grains each. So I guess I wasn’t too far off.

My next test was to weigh brass cases, and to import the values directly into Google Sheets. This worked GREAT.

This scale does take longer to stabilize compared to my AND FX-120i, but it is more sensitive, and that’s helpful for testing and evaluation of components.

This scale is working great, and after more time using it, I’ll have more comprehensive insights about it!

Get Yours

The best place to get your scale is at Cambridge Environmental!

All Reloading Scales at Cambridge Environmental

AND EJ-54D2 Precision Scale with USB

AND EJ-54D2 Precision Scale without USB

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3 thoughts on “My Most Sensitive Scale: AND EJ-54D2 (0.003 grains)”

  1. Neat- useless for the average guy, but neat. Didn’t even bother checking on price. Wouldn’t buy it. Use a Hornady Lock-N-Load. All the average guy really needs. Way better than the old beam. Unfortunately you are previewing things the average guy wouldn’t ever use. Not saying they’re useless, just saying someone like myself would have no use for it. I’m a retired gunsmith, & I wouldn’t buy the darned thing.

  2. Obviously Butch doesn’t understand that you are the “Ultimate Reloader” and we expect this out of a “Ultimate Reloader” Right !
    But i do have a question for you Gavin, what was the ambient shop temperature? With a piece of laboratory equipment such as the EJ-54D2 ambient temperature is probably the most important consideration when it comes to accuracy. The load cells used in these scales are affected by temperature. Keep up the great reloading content, I have learned so much from your stories and I look forward to what you have in store for us in the future!

  3. I’m a pretty average guy and think this is a great idea at a great price compared to the FX! Hope Adam M adapts the Autottickler to work with it. That seems like a no brain purchase for me who has an original Chargemaster.

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