Micro Cabin Ultimate Reloader Bench Build

Over the past month, I’ve completely transformed my mountain-top shooting facility. Some of the developments include finishing an illuminated 100 yard shooting range with Concrete Shooting Bench, building a micro cabin, and building a reloading bench inside that micro cabin. Now I have a shooting and reloading facility that will take my shooting and content creating capabilities to the next level! In this story, I’ll give a high-level overview of the process of building the micro cabin reloading bench. Later, I’ll post a dedicated story talking about the micro cabin and how I built it with my friend Josh!

The Ultimate Reloader Bench System

The micro cabin reloading bench is another incarnation of the “Ultimate Reloader Bench System”. This system is comprised of the following:

  • A sturdy wood bench with dimensional lumber “decking” on top
  • Custom steel “T Tracks” that enable 3/8″ x 16 TPI bolts to slide side to side and lock down presses, accessories, and fixtures
  • Screw head covers inside the T Tracks
  • Wood plugs to fill track slots

Above: Ultimate Reloader Bench System core components: Steel T-Track (3/4″ x 3/4″), wood screw head cover strip (bottom), wood slot plug (top).

Here’s a quick peek at one iteration of the bench system (bench seen in most recent Ultimate Reloader videos):

And here’s a view showing the proprietary Ultimate Reloader hold-down clamps securing an Inline Fabrication Ultramount to the bench:

A New Bench: Variation on a Theme

For the ridgeline micro cabin, I decided on 24″ depth, and 8′ length for the bench: the same as my primary bench in the main shop. What’s different about this bench is the following:

  1. There are no drawers (lower height compared to shop bench)
  2. There are no “post legs” that go to the floor

I made these changes in order to accommodate the “cramped quarters” inside the micro cabin. With exterior dimensions of 10′ width and 16′ length, there’s not a whole lot of room to spare inside. It’s about creating as much room as possible, and also maximizing the feeling of “spaciousness”.

Here’s what the frame looked like fully assembled, and right before attaching the top “decking”:

You can clearly see in the picture above the 45° 2×4 support braces that take place of traditional bench “legs”. I was a tad concerned about the resulting rigidity of the bench, but with the frame screwed into the walls and with the 45° support braces in place things turned out REALLY solid. On top of this frame I screwed down four 2x6x8′ boards, plus a 2″ strip to take up the gap between the decking and the wall. After this “substrate” was finished, I screwed down the tracks (see video for description of clamping and use of drill guide for pre-drill) and the 3/4″ birch veneer plywood on either side of the T Tracks.

The completed bench is exactly what I had hoped for and more (no legs taking up space and getting in the way). You can expect to see this bench in upcoming “mountain top reloading and shooting” stories soon!

Ultimate Reloader Bench Kits?

As many of you know, I’ve looked into offering kits so that you can easily build your own “Ultimate Reloader Bench”. This could include USA made T-Tracks and related components, hold-down clamps, bench brackets (to secure legs), and more. If you are interested in these product offerings, please leave a comment letting me know!

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20 thoughts on “Micro Cabin Ultimate Reloader Bench Build”

  1. I’m very interested in the t-track and hold down clamps. If you can keep me informed when they do become available for purchase that would be great

  2. I would very much be interested in the T-tracks and hold downs. I use Inline Fabrication items as well and would like the hold downs especially. I have very little metal working capability (no metal lathe nor mill). Have considered making some out of some good solid white oak but just haven’t taken the time. Anyway, I’d like a sense of the prices and such.

    1. I’m interested in your steel t-tracks and your hold down clamps. Earlier on in a previous UL bench build, you use the heavy duty aluminum t-tracks that uses 3/8 inch bolts. Can you advise on the difference of the two different t-track systems; what’s your preference and how do you install the steel t-tracks? How do you stop the steel t-track from rusting?
      Great bench design.

  3. I’m looking to build a smaller version of your micro cabin and put it in my back yard – probably 10′ x 10′ – and your bench kit sounds amazing. I’ll check back frequently. Take my money!

  4. Gavin, stop keeping us in suspense brother 🙂 When are you coming out with the Ultimate Reloader Bench Build Kit. You’re holding up my build brother 🙂 And also untested in everything Keyan Noble wrote in his post. He keyed on on some really great points and questions we need answers to. Waiting to purchase the kit.

  5. You can’t hang steel T tracks infront af any serious maker and then not provide a means of us getting them ourselves, like right away! That’s just cruel.
    Thanks for the videos!

  6. Still looking for the track system. Buying a “kit” would be great. I am interested. From all the reply’s I’m sure you could cover your cost and make a little to Keep making great, informative videos. Put me on the list to get a track system.

  7. I’d certainly be interested in your bench kit. Your track system seems much better than similar track systems I’ve seen.

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