A Tour of the UR Revolver Collection

I really enjoy revolvers. I enjoy looking at them, taking care of them, loading ammunition for them, shooting them, and just generally appreciating them!  So I thought it would be fun to share with you all my collection of Smith and Wesson revolvers.

Model 1905 Snub Nose 38 Special, Rare 2″ Barrel

This model 1905 38 Special is the only 38 Special currently in my collection, and is one of my favorite personal firearms period! It’s historic, it’s beautifully made, and it’s fun to shoot. This is a rare revolver: most of the Model 1905 revolvers produced had 4″ or longer barrels. The 2″ is the rarest, with a recent auction bringing almost $3000.00 for a similar 2″ model 1905 (albeit with better finish). Wow! I like everything about this Model 1905- including the original hard rubber grips. It’s a great piece of history, and I try and shoot it at least yearly. In the video I showed 6-in-a-row hits on a 10″ round steel plate at 21.5 yards, pretty good for a 2″ snub nose!

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it (no actually I LOVE it)
  • It makes me feel like I’m in a 1930’s detective movie
  • It’s fun to shoot (and shoots VERY well for what it is)
  • Surprise: it’s the most valuable revolver in my collection!

Model 586 357 Magnum, 6″ Barrel

This 586-6 (6th change) Smith and Wesson is what I consider the “ideal” 357 Magnum. I love blued finish revolvers when I don’t plan to carry/shoot in inclement weather. With a 6″ full-underlug barrel this is one sleek looking wheel gun. It also shoots GREAT. At some point I plan to put more bullseye-oriented sights on it, and also lighten the trigger a bit. That could make this an ideal target pistol…

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it
  • Because I like shooting it
  • Because I like looking at it
  • I can shoot a variety of loads in it, from 38 Spl to 357 Mag

Model 329-PD Light-Weight 44 Magnum, 4″ Barrel

I consider the S&W 329PD to be the ideal woods carry handgun. It’s got the power of 44 Magnum, with minimal weight thanks to its scandium-aluminum frame and titanium cylinder. Revolvers are super-reliable, and that’s reassuring when you’re faced with an angry bear or cougar or moose or whatever! This Smith has the same quality trigger I’ve come to expect from S&W, and it’s a great shooter especially if you shoot reduced-power loads.

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it
  • For woods and ranch carry
  • It’s practical
  • I can depend on this revolver!

Model 629 44 Magnum, 4″ Barrel

This 44 Magnum has been with me for a long time- about 14 years. I bought it to replace another revolver I had (a Taurus) which had multiple issues. I used this 4″ 629 for years as my woods carry handgun until getting the 329PD light-weight which carries better all day due to its lighter weight. I can’t bear to get rid of this S&W because I can shoot it so well, and have a lot of great memories with it.

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it
  • It shoots GREAT
  • I’m attached to it

Custom Finish Model 629 44 Magnum, 6″ Barrel

This 6″ S&W 629 started out with a stainless finish just like any other 629. But I wanted to turn it black, so I disassembled the entire revolver and sent it out to have it IONBONDed. This synthetic diamond coating is VERY tough and looks really cool. This is the same finish that some semi-auto pistol slides are coated with (such as SIG SAUER pistols). I love the way it turned out, and tend to think Darth Vader would like this gun if he was looking for a revolver! I like the red dot setup on this 629, but may look for something a bit lower in terms of sight height. I’m also contemplating lightening the trigger on this revolver as it’s used for target work only.

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it
  • Because it looks cool (no, awesome)
  • It shoots great
  • You can’t get too many 629s

500 S&W Magnum, 8 3/8″ Barrel

There is no match for the 500 S&W Magnum. It’s a handgun of extremes! Shooting projectiles in the 350-700 grain range, this revolver takes things to the MAX! And that’s why I had to have one! When I need a big boom, this is my go-to handgun. It’s also very fun to hand load for. Whats more: it’s got the same awesome S&W trigger that my other revolvers have. I absolutely love this handgun!

Why I have this revolver:

  • Because I like it
  • Because it’s bad to the bone
  • Sometimes you need a big boom

Here’s evidence of the power of 500 S&W Magnum: check out the blast from the cylinder/barrel gap when you fire this bad boy!

What’s Next

I’m happy with this revolver collection, but there’s always room for expansion! Here are some things I’m thinking about related to revolvers for the future:

  • More historic revolvers (WWI and WWII mostly)
  • Revolver builds: for hunting and target applications, themes, etc.
  • Different brands: Dan Wesson and more

Do you have a revolver collection? Please leave a comment and tell me about yours and what you do with them!

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9 thoughts on “A Tour of the UR Revolver Collection”

  1. My favorite S/W models are 19’s. K Frames.
    I have a 4″ p&r and a snub nose.
    Also a 6″ 66-same frame/stainless.

  2. Build a 41 mag and you’ll never look back. Line bore the cylinders put on a custom bead front sight.

    1. 41 Mag is fun and Smith 57s are amazing. If you really enjoy reloading, make some 41 special ammo to go with the 41 Mag. That is really fun and quite unique among shooters, even wheel gun fans.

  3. I also have a 6″ 586 Smith, I love it !! I recently bought a Ruger American in 7.62 x 39, have you or will you be doing any load development for this rifle / caliber combination ?? Thanks for all of the great videos,

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Zeigler

    1. Very nice! IOne of my favorite calibers in a revolver is the S&W 41 Magnum. I have a 4″ and 6″. Reloading for it makes it a lot of fun similar the way you are with the 44 mag. I have shot a few deer with the 6″ one. I like all the information you provide on your web.


  4. Not for reloading, but a 22 S&W wheel gun is too fun to shoot. Can’t go wrong with 10 shot 617 or go old school with a K-22!

  5. S&W are great revolvers and I have a M29 made in 67. Love it. And would like to have a 586 some day. But for absolute best feel in my opinion the Colt SAA is unbeatable. Especially with the custom stocks I have on mine.

  6. Hi…
    Good video on the S&W revolvers.
    Concerning future additions to your collection, I can endorse the addition of some Dan Wesson revolvers.
    I own three in .22LR, .44Magnum and .375SuperMag and they are extremely well made, durable and quite accurate.
    I handload and you can tailor handloads that wring every bit of potential accuracy out of them.
    I can also recommend looking at a S&W Model 57 in .41 Magnum and a Model 25 in .45Colt. They are fine revolvers in my opinion.
    You may also want to look into some of the single action revolvers from Uberti/Cimarron/Taylor’s…they make some excellent revolvers that are well fitted and look very good to the eye, if you like brass frames, casehardened colors and quality blueing. Their nickel finished revolvers are very nice as well.

  7. Great video. I’m looking at purchasing a S & W 686 Premier Deluxe, 7 shot .357 Mag.,satin ss finish, 6 or 6.5 inch barrel. I wish it was also available in a 8 shot cylinder like another S & W revolver.

    Try looking at Colt’s Python in .357 Mag. They have a new out now in stainless steel. If you can get an older model that’s blued (out of production?) in great shape, try it as well. A friend of mine shot all across Canada in competitions and did extremely well with this gun.

    Best of luck with your revolver expansion collection. I can’t wait to see it.

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