Save 10% on UFO Press Lights, LEE Content Update

It’s time for some updates on LEE press content (coming soon) and some updates on KMS Squared UFO Press Lights! Lots of great stories coming, and it’s always great to save some $$$ on top-quality gear.

UFO-LM: A great Light for the LEE Loadmaster Just Got Better

If you have a LEE Loadmaster, and are looking for a great lighting solution, look no further than the UFO-LM from KMS Squared! It’s been improved, and you can also save 10% using the UR10 discount code. I’ll be showing this updated UFO-LM light in my forthcoming LEE Loadmaster unboxing video, so stay tuned!

Save 10% on ALL UFO Press Lights

If you need a UFO press light, I have good news! With the UR10 discount code, you can save 10% on any UFO press light at!

LEE Loadmaster Revisited

Over a decade ago, I posted this 45 ACP reloading video featuring the LEE Loadmaster:

2009 Ultimate Reloader LEE Loadmaster 45 ACP Video

A LOT has changed since that video, so I thought I should re-visit the LEE Loadmaster at a high level. So I’m going to be publishing a new overview video that will cover everything from unboxing to loading 9mm, plus some upgrades (UFO-LM press light and Inline Fabrication mount).

LEE Pro-4000: Coming Soon

The Auto Breechlock Pro press from LEE Precision is now available in kit form- it’s called the “LEE Pro-4000 Kit” and I’ll be showing this new setup in-depth from unboxing to loading to caliber changeovers. Again, stay tuned!

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One thought on “Save 10% on UFO Press Lights, LEE Content Update”

  1. Starting to get into reloading now, I’ve got a Lee single stage press. Reloading 9mm, 223, 300 blackout, 243 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Lots of choices. Trying to figure out where to go from here. I like the single stage for dailing in accuracy, but also want to bulk load 9mm, 223, and 300. I do all my priming off the press. I thought about the Lee APP for case prepping and a Lee auto turret. Can you skip the priming station and go with a factory crimp die instead ? Any info would be great. Also love the channel. I used to work for Steve Hornady at Hornady. I was a rifle press operator. 22 cal upto 375 H&H. Pretty crazy when make 30 to 50 thousand bullets a day. Thanks again.

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