UR Update: Win a Caldwell HydroSled and an Inline Fabrication Ultramount

Time for another UR Update! Hope you all are winding down a great Summer, and looking towards Fall with anticipation like I am. Let’s get into it!

Winner from Last Challenge

The last challenge was all about sharing your hunting stories!

And the winner of the last challenge is a super-dedicated Ultimate Reloader fan: Wade Landèche from Louisiana! Here’s the story that Wade shared:

This nice whitetail 6 point 170-180 lb, popped out at 11:10am 02-05-09, he was 130 yards out, shot with a Winchester APEX 45 cal. Muzzleloader using 200gr Hornady XTP in sabot over the equivalent of 100gr BP load of Hodgdons 777 and a 25ACP casing with small rifle primer, in a Precision Rifle breech plug. The shot struck behind the right shoulder just above center mass, Pierced the rear part of the shoulder blade broke a rib entering the chest severed both lungs the broke a rib far side as it exited lodging just under the hide. The Deer ran about 150 yards were he crashed. I had to drag him 350+ yards up hill to my stand to load him into the truck. I’m not as young I as I once was; my back gave me fits while dressing him out. This was the day after my Brother-In-Law got his also a 6 point the day before and I helped him dress his.
Inside spread 14 1/8”
Outside spread 15 5/8”
Space inside main beam 7 ½”
Space inside 10 13/16”

Hornady bullet opened up and rolled back on itself, expanded to .700″ widest .640″ narrowest, length from mushroom to base of the bullet .480″, retained weight was 162 grains. The bullet entered to the top rear of the right front shoulder, broke a rib entering the chest cavity, cut through both lungs, broke a rib exiting the other side of the cavity and expended itself just under the hide behind the left shoulder. Those who think the 10mm is an over penetrator should rethink what happens in real flesh and bone.

Here is the Winchester APEX 45 cal Muzzle loader 29″ fluted barrel with the 3X9X40 Scope, the deer above is the 4th to be taken with this rifle, ready to try and score another this year.

This is the stand that I built a few years earlier, I was hunting from. Hauled it from Louisiana, and put it back together on this lease property in Poplarville, MS. Not renewing my membership I sold that stand were it stands… Then built myself a new one!

New Challenge

This week’s challenge is simple: Tell us and show us WHY you shoot and WHY you reload your own ammunition! Please give us a write-up and share some pictures (LOTS of good pictures: you shooting, family/friends shooting, hunting, reloading, bench, guns, etc), plus tag two friends, click below to enter:

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!



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