UR Weekly Update: Win 250pcs Starline 223 Brass

Hello everyone! Time for another weekly update, this time with a chance to win 250 pieces of Starline 223 Brass! (who couldn’t use that? 🙂 ).

Last Week’s Winner: Inline Fabrication Ultramount

The challenge last week was to share which press you’d buy based on the 14 press shootout that I recently published. We had some great stories shared on Facebook– and one that rose to the top. That story was shared by Trampus Michalsky from Texas!

Here’s what Trampus wrote:

I usually don’t try to win free stuff cause I figure others need or deserve it more than me, but I figured this time I’d try what the heck. After creating a spreadsheet of every press in each category of the data you collected, taking a total score and averaging them I would probably go with the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme since I would be purchasing to reload precision ammo. With the only downfall being no priming ability. The precision to cost ratio wins me over. I recently purchased an LnL ammo plant to load large amounts of ammo for range shooting 380acp, 9mm, .40, .223/5.56 and 300 AAC. I just completed my first 96 rounds of subsonic 208gr eldm with 12.4grs of hodgdon 300blk powder and and while it didn’t go as easily as I wanted I got it done and tested and it was a success. I was able to recover one of the projectiles completely intact with the only damage being the polymer tip being knocked off by shooting thru a box of rags. It just happened to catch the projectile in a notch of the dead tree I was using as a backstop. Now I need to purchase a press for precision ammo for my 6.5 creedmoor RPR when I can save enough money. Having an ultra mount ready and waiting would help out. More pictures to come of the reloading setup and rifles I would use it to load for.

Congrats Trampus on winning an Inline Fabrication Ultramount of your choosing!

This Week’s Challenge

If you think everyone needs a 223 in their home, please share why! Do you feel like people need an AR-15 for fun, defense, or competition? Do you think 223 is the best-bang-for-the-buck ranch varmint gun out there- tell us why? Do you reload 223? Show us your guns, your fun with 223, your loading room, your loaded 223 rounds, and anything else that’s related! The winner will get 250 pieces of Starline 223 Brass!

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2 thoughts on “UR Weekly Update: Win 250pcs Starline 223 Brass”

  1. I have been reloading for about 50 years. I think the 223 cartridge is a very good all around varmint round. My current favorite load is 26.5 gr of WW 748 behind a 50 or 55 gr Nosler BT in a Nosler case w/ a Federal SR primer. This load shows almost no pressure and shoots to 1/2 moa if I do my part. I have two rifles chambered in 223. One is a Winchester Model 70 and the other is a CZ model 527 with a composite stock.

    I loaded up,a bunch of 223 ammo and went to Colorado and South Dakota last year to hunt prairie dogs. I would say conservatively we killed 350 dogs in Colorado and probably a like number in South Dakota. The ranchers hate these pests because if a cow steps in a prairie dog hole she will likely break her leg and that is a big loss. After the Colorado shoot we had to go back to my brothers place and replenish our ammo supply.

    I am in the process of testing CFE 223 powder to see if it as good in my rifles as WW 748 .

    Gearing up for another big prairie dog hunt this year

    John Knapp

  2. Let’s face it… Competition shooting is super fun…

    … but it’s also $EXPENSIVE$…

    I currently run a 6.5 Creedmor rig for my NRL long range competition rifle but the cost of ammunition (and barrel life) is a limiting factor in being able to give it enough practice.

    Enter the venerable .223 Remington.

    Cheap, easy on recoil, easy on loading, easy on a barrel… and most importantly… EASY ON THE WALLET!

    It’s a known fact that a lot of competition shooters use a .223 as their “Practice” rig… but in my local groups, a lot of guys are just downsizing completely. They plan on running their .223’s for both practice and competition as well. (* using heavy-for-caliber, high BC projectiles)

    That’s where I’m at now.

    I’m Currently looking at some variations on a Howa barrelled action in .223 with a heavy Varmint barrel. There are quite a few nice (mid priced) chassis solutions out there so when the time comes I will have a great, low cost rig… that’s a TON of fun to shoot.


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