UR Weekly Update: Win a Set of Hornady Dies and an iGaging QuickCheck

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week! I definately am- Spring is in the air, and I’m getting ready for a great PRS match this weekend. I’ve also finished preparations for my 14 single-stage reloading press comparison story, and am in the process of collecting data at this point. There have been some interesting developments, and I’m learning a LOT!

Here’s a preview of my method for checking case neck concentricity and bullet runout:

A little unconventional, but it works GREAT! Check out my weekly update video:

Last Week’s Winner: Nathan Brugmann

The challenge issued last week was to share your case prep story from start to finish. There were SEVERAL great posts from contributors like Paul Venn, Snipe Dust, and Patrick Schultz, but I really liked the way that Nathan Brugmann shared a complete end-to-end scenario centered around his Mosin Nagant and 7.62x54R. Congratulations Nathan, you’ve won a Lyman Case Trim Express! Please contact me so that we can get this case trimmer sent to you!

Here are some of the pictures from Nathan’s story:

This Week’s Challenge: Your Rifle Goals

This week, the challenge is to share your rifle story (history, experiences) plus a specific goal for this coming year (12 months). This could be general marksmanship, big game hunting, predator hunting, rifle matches, etc. Please make it personal, and share some great pictures! You can click on the Facebook post here to share your story:

OR, you can send me an email with your write-up and pictures. Good luck everyone, and I hope you have a great week!

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