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If you are interested in long range shooting, PRS, Extreme Long Range (ELR) or anything related: there’s a blog you need to check out. It’s called the Precision Rifle Blog (PRB), and it’s run by a well respected member of the shooting community: Cal Zant.

Check it out:

Why I Like the Precision Rifle Blog

As a fellow engineer, I can really appreciate the effort that Cal puts into technical analysis, and the wealth of data that he collects and articulates in his articles, charts, infographics and insights.

Example: What the Pros Use (click image to read articles)

What The Pros Use is awesome because Cal gets all of the related data about what top shooters are using (rifles, gear, components, etc) and presents that information in a very easy to consume visual format. Click the image above to check out these articles.

Example: Technical Articles with Empirical Data (click image to see example)

Ever wondered how effective a particular muzzle brake is? Cal managed to put together a totally amazing computer-driven sensor rig to measure recoil impulse over time- a way better way to characterize recoil compared to “old methods”. I’m thinking to consult his articles (he’s done a few on muzzle brakes) when I go to test 300 PRC and/or 300 Win Mag.

Example: Reference Tables and Articles Worthy of Hanging in the Shop

I think I’ve mounted about 10 scopes in the last month (including robbing from one rifle for the next rifle, etc). And one thing I’m frequently looking up is the torque specifications for action screws, scope base screws, and scope ring screws. Cal put together a summary for various manufacturers that collects and presents this data all in a single article. Very handy!

How You Can Subscribe

All you have to do to subscribe by email is to visit the following link: and follow the instructions.

Want to support Cal? He’s got a page for that as well where you can give him a commission on Amazon for things you buy, or donate directly.

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