Compared! Brass Smith Ideal, Victory, and All-American 8 Presses

It’s exciting every time I get my hands on a new reloading press. So you can only imagine how exciting it is to get three new presses into the shop, all three new on the market! Lyman is just now rolling out these three new reloading presses to the consumer market, and I’ve reviewed all three, you’ll want to check out these posts for more information:

Now that I’ve published the press unboxing, setup, and loading demo posts, I thought I would summarize how these presses stack up against each other. If you are curious about getting your own Brass Smith press, this story should be helpful in deciding which one is best for you.

Comparison of Brass Smith Presses

All three of the new Brass Smith presses from Lyman share some common features and attributes:

  • Made in USA
  • Cast iron frame
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Ambidextrous operation (center handle on Ideal, left/right mount options on Victory and All-American 8)
  • Same bolt pattern as Lyman T-Mag Turret press
  • Use standard shellholders
  • Accept 7/8 x 14 standard dies

But there are also some differences worth noting as outlined in this table:

Of note are the capacities for the Victory and the All-American 8: 5″ – I just looked, and that’s the most generous press opening spec compared to all of my other turrets and single stage presses!


The other difference is the MSRP for each: (as of July 2018)

  • Brass Smith Ideal: $99.00
  • Brass Smith Victory: $199.00
  • Brass Smith All-American 8: $249.00

But, you can typically find better “street prices” – I just looked and all three presses are on sale today at Midsouth Shooters Supply:

There’s more in store with these presses, so make sure you’re subscribed! Do you have a Brass Smith press? Please leave a comment telling us about your experiences!



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