New from Lyman: Brass Smith Precision Powder Funnel Set

If you’re loading precision rifle ammunition, you’ll need a reliable way to dump powder charges into your cases. A good powder funnel is the answer! But some funnels will have too much static cling, holes that are too large or too small, and not seat well on the mouth of the case you’re charging. The folks at Lyman took at good look at this problem space, and have come up with a cool new product under the Brass Smith brand: their new precision powder funnel set!

From the Lyman product page:

The funnel comes with inserts for 22, 243/6mm, 25/6.5mm, 270/7mm, 30 and 338 caliber rifle cartridges.

• Static Free aluminum die cast body and turned aluminum components
• Precision fit, CNC turned aluminum inserts for calibers 22 to 338
• Inserts are quick and easy to install and remove
• Convenient handle
• Includes padded storage case
• Inserts are laser marked for caliber identification

As shown in the video, I tried this funnel set with both .223 cases, and with 6.5 Creedmoor cases, and found it to work great. I love the idea of having optimal funnel dimensions for each cartridge I load without the need to keep five funnels on the bench. The storage case is a plus as well- it fits nicely on the shelf, and I can grab the whole “system” quickly, and take it to the area where I’m loading ammunition. If you need a powder funnel setup, give the Brass Smith Precision Funnel Set a try!

You can find the Brass Smith Precision Funnel set at Midsouth Shooters Supply HERE.


2 thoughts on “New from Lyman: Brass Smith Precision Powder Funnel Set”

  1. Gavin,
    I know this is a different ‘rabbit trail’ I’m pursuing but I thought I’d pose the question to you. In my decades of reloading and research I’ve not seen where someone has published comprehensive testing of universal shell holders, identifying which brands showed measurably more run-out during the re-sizing process. Do you know of any such study that has been published? I’m in the process of prepping and sorting brass for my RPR project and the thought came to me that every step I perform is another chance for deforming the case in a negative way. Now that I’m fully retired, I have time to do my own testing. I may order every 308 Win universal shell holder I can find from a single source so I don’t incur excess shipping fees. I found one thread that had lots of opinions but not any data to back it up.

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