Big Grains: Big Bore Ammo without the Big Bore Price

I’ve got to admit something: I’m totally obsessed with 500 S&W Magnum. Seems like every time I go to grab a handgun, it’s at the top of my mind. And I guess it’s not hard to understand why- it’s big, it’s bad, it’s powerful, and it’s just pure fun. But what’s not fun is paying a ton of cash for big-bore ammo, that’s why we all reload, right? Well, if you want the convenience of off-the-shelf ammo, but want a great deal, take a look at Big Grains Ammo from Freedom Munitions.

So how did we do on energy? Let’s take a quick look at the chronograph results:

Even after the concussion from the mighty 500 S&W Magnum knocked the screen back, the results all came through.

Averaging 1565 fps with a 350 grain bullet yields an energy number of 1904 ft-lb of energy. That’s about the same as shooting five 9mm parabellum shots simultaneously. WOW. Needless to say, you’ll have a smile on your face after a “cylinder full” of this ammunition. If you have a big bore handgun (50 AE, 458 SOCOM, or 500 S&W Magnum) give Big Grains a try!

I’m off to shoot more 500. See you all next time!



One thought on “Big Grains: Big Bore Ammo without the Big Bore Price”

  1. I shot 500 S&W Big Grains today. Second one out of the box and the primer fired but the bullet jammed in the cylinder/barrel. At $35 a box of 20, I am less than impressed. I have photos.

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