More Updates, and How to Support Ultimate Reloader

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy couple weeks, but things are moving along, and I wanted to give some quick updates! First, thank you to everyone for your support! I appreciate all of the kind comments, and the loyalty many of you have shown.

Video Hosting Backup Plan: Success

In the last couple days I got some great news from Vimeo, the online video hosting company and community:

The results of my inquiry:

Gavin Gear
Hello, I’m wondering what if any restrictions Vimeo has related to firearms, reloading ammunition, and gunsmithing content. Thanks.
Sean M (Vimeo Support)
Thank you for reaching out. I can confirm that under our current policies, your videos do not appear to be in violation.
Sean M
Trust and Safety

What does this mean? I’ll be able to continue forward with hosting my videos on Vimeo (to be embedded here on ) in the event that new YouTube content policies cause any of my videos to be flagged/removed. This Vimeo option costs money, but their platform is great, and it’s a great alternative to YouTube (view videos here on this website).

Supporting Ultimate Reloader on Patreon

After receiving many suggestions from you all, I have opened a Patreon account, and would appreciate any pledges (even $5/month goes a long way if enough people pledge) to help support what I do here.

Just click here:
Become a Patron!

New! Ultimate Reloader Store

Another thing I’ve had a lot of requests for is Ultimate Reloader shirts, and they are now available! Check out the new Ultimate Reloader store which now also includes the AR-MPR precision rifle build DVDs! Here’s what’s currently for sale:

Ultimate Reloader T-Shirts:

*Note: For T-Shirt orders placed in April 2018 (product launch) please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. DVD Orders will ship within 3 business days.


Subscribe to Ultimate Reloader

Finally, to support Ultimate Reloader, you can subscribe across multiple channels:

Here on Ultimate Reloader, subscribe to updates

On YouTube:

And on Facebook:

Again, thanks very much for the support, and please stay tuned for more updates (there’s some really cool stuff coming you won’t want to miss!).


3 thoughts on “More Updates, and How to Support Ultimate Reloader”

  1. Gavin,

    Already signed up on Patreon. Bought a T shirt. Get it to me before NRA convention and I will make sure to wear it there. Give you some exposure.
    You hang in there. I see this as a chance to make lemonade out of lemons.

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