TriggrCon 2017: In-Motion Targets and Rifle Sticks

The shooting sports industry and community is a small world! While at TriggrCon 2017, I saw quite a few familiar local companies, one of which was In-Motion Targets. Talking with the guys at the In-Motion booth, we realized quickly that we knew some of the same people in the PNW PRS and general shooting circles. At the In-Motion booth, I met Clint Sharp- a familiar personality on the TV show “Long Range Reality”, and a part of two local companies: both In-Motion Targets, and Rifle Sticks. Here’s some of the conversation I had with Clint while at the event:

I would find out after getting back from TriggrCon that Clint and I will be shooting the same PRS match, the R Bros Rifles August NWPRL PRS Club Series *and* will be shooting on the same squad! A small world indeed. I’m looking forward to learning from Clint while we shoot. More on that soon here on Ultimate Reloader! (hint, I’ll be shooting a brand new cartridge for this year).

In-Motion Targets

In-Motion does just about every type of steel target (both stationary and moving) that you can imagine. Here’s a video from In-Motion that outlines new products for 2017:

As I stated in the video, I’m hooked on steel, and am looking to expand my collection of steel targets at the Ultimate Reloader Outpost- you can’t get too many! I’m going to check out the product offerings from In-Motion for sure.

Rifle Sticks

Once you start shooting long-range rifle, you realize just how important support systems are. Bipods are one of the best field shooting solutions because of their versatility, compactness, and attachment to the rifle (not having to carry extra components is a good thing). One of the limitations that most bipods have is their fixed height range, and their “fixed configurations” for things like feet. Clint Sharp has addressed some of these shortcomings with a unique support system called “Rifle Sticks”. Made to work with off-the-shelf bipods (Harris and Atlas) – the Rifle Sticks system extends the height of these bipods, and allows for quick-change feet swaps. Pretty cool! You can find out more at

Be sure to stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed to hear the rest of the story when I shoot with Clint this month!


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