L.E. Wilson Full-Length Bushing Sizing Die Now Available for 14 Cartridges

I was excited to be one of the first people to try out the new L.E. Wilson full-length bushing-type sizing die. When I got my .243 Winchester version, it was literally one of the first off the production line, and I picked it up from L.E. Wilson president Daniel Reichert himself! Since then, Dan has been hard at work expanding the list of chamberings this new die is available for. Here’s the full updated list:

  1. 22 BR
  2. 22 PPC USA
  3. 222 Rem
  4. 223 Rem
  5. 243 Win
  6. 260 Rem
  7. 30 BR
  8. 308 Win
  9. 6 BR Norma
  10. 6 BR Match
  11. 6 PPC USA
  12. 6.5 BR
  13. 7mm-08
  14. 7mm BR

Wondering what this die is and how it’s used? Check out the following videos I feature this die in:

From my initial overview of the L.E. Wilson Bushing-Type Full-Length sizing die:

From my Loading Precision .243 Winchester post (Ruger Precision Rifle):

If you are interested in more information on this new product from L.E. Wilson, please visit the product page:

Full Length Sizing Die – Bushing Type

This is a great product if you are looking for control over neck tension, and optimal precision/concentricity for your sizing operations on precision rifle brass!


3 thoughts on “L.E. Wilson Full-Length Bushing Sizing Die Now Available for 14 Cartridges”

      1. What are L. E. Wilson’s plans for making the same die and bushings for the .30-06 Springfield and the .303 British cartridges?

        Would explain in better detail about the correct bushing you used (the correct measurement obtained, what tooling used and the new correct size of bushing) for making your .243 ammo.

        I would like to do the same for the above mentioned ammo for my hunting rifle cartridge (.30-06 Springfield) and my vintage Military Service Competition cartridge (.303 British). Any assistance on this would of great help.

        Also, please advise as to when you’re going to do your in depth video on your reloading bench. I’d like to know more about your set up. I am strongly considering using the same idea for my new bench, along with the use of the Ultra Mount with my Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic single stage press.

        Please let me know if you had the same clearance issues with Hornady L-N-L Classic press’ toggle as you did with Hornady’s L-N-L AP press while using the Ultra Mount.

        Keep up your great videos. They’re a great help to those of us new to the hobby.

        Thanks again.


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