Poll: What Social Media Services Do You Use?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering where you all discuss gun related topics online and with apps on your phones/tablets. As I plan how to make future investments in Ultimate Reloader, I’d like to make sure these investments are aligned with where you all are hanging out!

Please take a minute to check each of the sites that you use on a regular basis:

What Social Media Do You Use?

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Don’t see your favorite social media service? Please drop a comment! (I’ll do a separate poll for discussion forums, so hold off on that topic)

Thanks everyone!

6 thoughts on “Poll: What Social Media Services Do You Use?”

  1. I hate all of the social websites, but especially FB. I am on it, but tell nothing about myself. Use it to track others down. I want conservatives to create a friendly site. Screw em all. as Anthony Hopkins said in “Legends of the Fall”.

  2. I don’t use any social media. Used to be on Facebook but found it a real time waster. If I want to find out about a process I will go to You Tube or just a general Google search.

    1. I avoid social media like the plague, The whole thing is geared to destruction of privacy.
      M. Zuckerberg:(FB founder) famously commented to the effect that privacy will be a thing of the past.

  3. Most of my gun related discussions are on a number of gun forums, all accessed via the Tapatalk app; The High Road, 1911 Addicts, The Firing Line, Texas Gun Talk and a half dozen others. FB and most other social media sites are simply “look and see” for gun info. I don’t discuss anything gun related there…way too many “PC police” types there. I detest getting bogged down in political discussions when talking about firearms or ammo.

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