Save Money with Bulk-Packaged Bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply

One of the reasons to reload your own ammunition (of many) is to save money! With bullets comprising much of the cost of reloaded ammunition, it makes sense to shop bullet deals! You can buy discounted bullets, blemished bullets, and trade with friends to save money. But there’s a simpler way to save on bullets: buy in bulk packaging. The concept is simple, by not packaging bullets in neat-and-tidy boxes, the retailer can pass the savings on to you. And that’s just what Midsouth Shooters Supply does with their lineup of bulk-packaged bullets.

I’m going to be reloading a bunch of these bullets (watch for them in upcoming adventures) and wanted to start with some of Midsouth’s most popular bulk-packaged bullets. Here’s an overview!

Varmint Nightmare 22 Caliber .224 Diameter 55 Grain FMJ W/ Cannelure (link)

This is a GREAT general purpose bullet for the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges. I’m thinking to use these for run-n-gun and general AR-15 target practice. I’ll have to throw on a light crimp which will be smooth due to the cannelure in these bullets!

.223 FMH Varmint Nightmare 55gr

Varmint Nightmare X-Treme 22 Caliber .224 Diameter 55 Grain Premium Hollow Point (link)

True to the name, these bullets are great for things like coyote hunting, prairie dog shoots, and even target practice. I’m thinking these will shoot well loaded up as .223/5.56 and 22-250 (one of my favorites to shoot!).

.223 55gr Varmint Nightmare HP

Match Monster 30 Caliber 155 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point (link)

When it’s time to step up to the big guns chambered in 308, the 155 grain hollow point boat tail is hard to beat for its versatility, performance, and smooth loading (I tend to like how boat tail bullets sit in the case just before seating!). The first thing I’m going to load here will be 308 Winchester for the AR-10.

308 Match Monster 155gr

These bullets are going to keep me busy- can’t wait to try them out. My question for you all is: are you all using bulk-packaged bullets? Would love to hear what you all are loading/shooting, and to hear how your bulk-bullets are performing.


5 thoughts on “Save Money with Bulk-Packaged Bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply”

  1. Do you have a good place to get 100-140 gn .264 projectiles for the 6.5 Grendel? I would love to reload for less than I can buy wolf steel case.

    1. Or you can use one of Lee Precision’s factory crimp dies. They work excellent and are reasonalbly priced. Think about it, there is a reason why the major manufacturerers crimp their ammunition.

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