Fun With Custom Ammo Box Labels

A big part of the satisfaction in reloading your own ammunition is the fact that you have made something “custom”. You can customize the economics (Read: you are cheap and want to save money), the ballistics, the recoil, and a multitude of other factors related to ammunition. So why not have some fun with your reloads and put some custom “branding” on your boxes?

This Christmas I decided to give my brother-in-law Aaron some ammunition to shoot in his S&W Shield (9mm). I thought it would be a good opportunity to rib him a bit about the “back-woods” nature of Spokane, Washington: the city he lives in. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to add some “cheesy factor” which meant I had to choose the appropriate “character” to add to this custom ammo label. After pondering several images (Chuck Norris in the 80’s, Burt Reynolds, etc) I landed on Steven Seagal. I’m happy with the results, and Aaron got a good laugh out of the gag.

Now I’m inspired to create custom ammo labels for various cartridges I load. Why not? It’s fun, and you’ll get some good looks at the gun range.

So what would you create for your custom ammo? Please leave a comment!


11 thoughts on “Fun With Custom Ammo Box Labels”

  1. It would have to be some “Did I fire Six Shots Or Only 5?” with a picture of Clint looking down the barrel of his S&W M-29 For My .44 Mag Handloads!

  2. Love it! Customized labels. Enter the new year with a unique moniker. Something like – ‘More bang for the buck, or the doe whatever the season!’
    Happy New Year! Love your web site too.

  3. Lately I’ve been reading warning labels on almost everything I buy – and many of the warnings seem to be aimed at either toddlers or complete idiots (as neither of these groups can read or comprehend the warnings I don’t actually see what good they do).
    Maybe we could have fun with these also:
    WARNING: May contain lead. Do not insert in any bodily orifices. If accidentally ingested contact a doctor immediately.
    Contains no peanut or other nut products.

  4. Hi Gavin, wishing you all the very best for 2016. love your web site, as an avid Aussie gun nut I am envious of all the great guns n stuff you have access to. Fortunately I have access to some fantastic hunting locations here in Australia. My main go to rifles are CZ455 .17HMR, .223 Rem, 6×45 (6mmx.223), 22-250 Rem and 30-06 Sprg. The .223 and 30-06 are both part of my Blaser R8, fitted with Nightforce and Schmidt & Bender scopes. Keep the great info coming. Regards Rex.

  5. Spokane “backwoods”? I suppose if you live in downtown LA, Seattle, Chicago, New York, etc. Spokane is “backwoods”. For those of us who have visited the above cities and choose to live in more rural environs, Spokane is about as far from backwoods as it is from Hollywood and Vine, or Times Square.

    Custom labels are a great idea. Do you use pre-cut labels or larger sheets and cut them down? I’ve made custom labels for my ammo for years but I use removable labels printed with locations to write the reload data on what is inside. It helps greatly as I don’t always use the same powder,bullet, primer combinations in each loading lot. When the box is empty I just peel off the old and put on a new one.

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