Free Reloading Data Ledger – Keep Track of your Load Data

In my last post, I provided some tips for finding and managing load data. Since posting that post, I decided to take my own advice to keep better records. Call it a New Year’s resolution for 2014 or what you will, it just sounded like a good idea to me. As a part of this exercise, I’ve created a new load data ledger (you can download the PDF below) so that I can record some of me recent and not-so-recent load data for future reference. I looked at my old load data ledger and my load data labels to come up with this format. I tried to include fields for most commonly recorded values, and a generous “notes” section for everything else.

Gavin’s new and improved load data ledger – download and print out to keep track of your load data

If you want to try out this load data ledger, just download the following PDF, print it out, and use it to record your load data entries:

UR-Load-Data-Record-Book-2.0 (PDF)

If you find this ledger helpful, please link to this post!

I’m off to go record my old load data from ammo boxes I’ve loaded in the past. Talk to you all later!


25 thoughts on “Free Reloading Data Ledger – Keep Track of your Load Data”

  1. Good log. I like the simple uncluttered data. Also the Notes section, I try to keep data but have been hit and miss, this will help me organize

  2. Hey Gavin, if you have the ability to allow the “original document” to be downloaded we could use this template as a means to electronically document this information on our personal computers, then print and store in a binder for quick reference. Do you have an Excel or “workable” PDF version of this available?

    1. I’d like to second Eric’s suggestion about an electronic version of the log so the info and notes can be stored electronically. I keep pretty extensive electronic notes already, but this would be a great summary addition to those notes.

  3. Gavin – I used your form to create a “fill in the blanks” version in PDF so it can be filled out on the computer and then printed. I also created an excel version for the people who try and go paperless. I see no way to send you an attachment. If you want these two additional versions, send me an email address and I’ll send them to you.

    1. Thanks Dirk for enhancing Gavin’s Data Ledger, I would definitely be interested in downloading that file too! Think about this, there are ballistic programs available for smartphones that allow you to create ballistic charts for trajectory, drift, etc., you could create your own ballistic chart for that specific load data and save them with the PDF form in a file folder on your phone or tablet to reference at the range or when comparing data with your shooting buddies. You could even expand on this ledger to include data from testing including such variables as distance, weather conditions and relevant data about the firearm used. Having the reloading data is great, but including test data along with results (pictures of targets or scores) makes a quick and accurate reference for the reloader. For example I’ve seen variations in accuracy between spritzer and boat tail loads at various distances, having all this data together and at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want it would be great! This would also work great for shotgun patterns too! Just a few ideas, how can we make this happen? Gavin? Dirk?

  4. Dirk,

    Could you please send me a copy of your “fill in the blanks” version of the Ledger, as well as a copy of the Excel version.


  5. Thanks Gavin! Your ledger is great! All the info and three hole punch, then in the load data books I keep on all my reloaded ammo that I reload! I’m a predator hunter and your data is so helpful, I can’t that you enough. your review’s of tools is dead on. I use a Forster Co-ax, a Le Wilson mirco trimmer, and a lot of other tools all mounted on In Line Fabrication quick change system, and Dan’s in line rails. They are the best! And so well Made in the USA! I also use the I gaging tools with the Forster datum gauge So accurate! Keep up the awesome info. and reviews! Your great! Thanks so much

  6. Your PDF has good information on it and will help get reloading processes set in a positive direction. Thank you, I downloaded it.

    I was cruising the web looking for data on reloading that I am not collecting yet. My wife has told me many times that I am a nerd, perhaps she is right.
    I also keep track of GPS, direction, wind, humidity, ammunition temperature, ambient temp, time of day.
    Yep she might be right.
    I am not tracking the moons and the stars locations, yet.

    Too much information is almost enough. My quote as an engineer.

  7. This is a clean simple format for recording loading data. The notes in my spiral notebook are a mess, and you have provided a great resource to use to “clean up my act”. Thanks

  8. Great job you are doing. Very professional and impressive. I’ve been shooting and reloading for may years and appreciate your thoroughness on the subjects you cover. Thank you for all your hard work.
    P.S. I wish i had access to a shop and a location so i could shoot more often.

  9. Hey Gavin,
    I just got back into RL .22 Hornet and .45 ACP and I was looking for an easy and effective log for RL Data. I searched all of the major companies and came up with nothing. You out did the big boys this time.
    Thank you.
    Bill G.

  10. Dirk,

    Could you please send me a copy of your “fill in the blanks” version of the Ledger, as well as a copy of the Excel version.



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