What do you want to see in a gun magazine?

A Different Kind of Gun Magazine

Northwest Gun Magazine is going to be “A Different Kind of Gun Magazine”. I definitely have ideas of what this should look like, but I also wanted to get your feedback on what you enjoy about the gun-related publications that you read, and also what you don’t like. What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? I want to leave this open to your imagination. If you need some inspiration, think about the products, skills, places, activities, projects, (and other topics) that you would like to read about. What would you want to be in *every* issue?

What about reloading? (that’s why you’re here, right? :)) What would you want to see and read about in that context?

I’m listening, please drop a comment!


16 thoughts on “What do you want to see in a gun magazine?”

  1. 1. Gunsmithing:
    Such as – cleaning/maintenance, accuracy, upgrades, after-market parts, troubleshooting, how to disassemble/reassemble, new products, tools, etc.

    2. Handloading:
    Such as – tips, loads for hunting/self-defence/sub-sonic, new products, etc.

    3. Suppressors:
    Such as – evaluation, new products, ammo and reloading for suppressors, different designs, laws, etc.

    4. Legal/Political:
    Such as – firearm laws as they pertain to the NW, changes in the law, bills pending, Q&A, demystifying things like SBR’s and NFA issues, licensing, etc.

    5. Events and Get Togethers for the NW

    6. AR-15
    Such as – upgrading, building your own, new products, different calibers – especially 300 Blackout,
    reloading, troubleshooting, etc.

    7. Sources for Products and Links

    8. Photos:
    Such as – members uploading pics of their projects, hunting trophies, favorite guns, gun shops, etc.

    9. Gun Shop or Website Highlight:
    Such as – every issue highlight a NW gun shop, website, gunsmith or member.

    10. What’s New:
    Such as – new firearms, products, after-market parts, etc.

    1. Awesome list, and much of it is on our content list already! I love the member’s gun submissions… Thanks for taking the time to write this up!

    2. Hi, Gavin

      I live in Seattle and it is great that you are nearby on the Eastside. I have learned a lot from your videos regarding reloading and I will start doing my own reloading in the near future.

      One thing I would like to see are actual reviews that are more forthcoming about the good and bad of a product. The major gun magazines have large ads and are beholding to those advertisers and do not give very critical reviews of the products advertised. They never really come out and say, “stay away from this product” because this and that is wrong with it like Consumer Reports would do. I would like more accurate and honest reviews no matter what you are reviewing.

      Also, you are so good at reloading a nice section on that topic would be great. You can divide it in half. The first half for the beginner and the second half for more experienced reloaders. Keep up your great work and I hope we meet one day. Also, your videos are far superior to others on Youtube because you pay attention to lighting and sound and you use a tripod. Thank you for being a professional.

      1. George- you’ve really hit on one of the fundamentals of what the magazine will be about: Telling the whole story. The good and the bad. The pros and the cons. Glad to see that you feel there’s a need for this type of gun writing! we’re going to deliver!

  2. I’d prefer to see a publication with minimal, if any, political ranting and raving. There are those of us who don’t always go along with the extremists at some of the national gun organizations.

  3. Depth! There are a lot of gun magazines that just touch on a rifle or handgun. I can get that just looking at the mfg’s. web sight. One I saw in the last month went something like; “mounted a 6X scope and tried 5 handloads and 5 factory loads and here are the results”. I would like to get to know the gun some. Does the action function smoothly-how is feeding ect. How are the factory sights if included? Different scope mounting options. If it is an F class rifle how did it do at 1000 yards-not 100. If it is a hunting rifle how was it at last weeks hunt. Every magazine out there has a black gun article every month and a glock plastic pistol every month. Just because someone gave their rifle a new paint job does not make it “new. Oh, I have seen the word “tactical” enough, really enough. Paint it black call it tactical and increase the price two or three times and you are good to go. Is an LED flashlight really worth 2 or 3 hundred dollars? Not to me. Is a Nightforce scope worth $1500, I guess, I sure like mine, it’s not tactical though. That would make it $3000 I guess. I, like most other folks work for a living and won’t be buying many Euro scopes or $4000 semi custom rifles. Remington, Savage ect is what I can buy. My guns span the range 0f .22 LR to .416. I love them all and shoot them all-some more than others. Most fun toy? Marlin 1895 in 45-70. Would that 45-70 be as much fun with an 8-32 scope shooting at 500 yards be fun-don’t think so.
    As far as reloading goes- man there is some room there. There is so much great equipment now it’s just crazy. When I started I had a Rock Chucker and a scale. I still have a Big Max and a Rock Chucker. I now have a progressive press that really works and use an electronic powder measure fo the manual presses. But the accessories are great today. Be it a case trimmer or a neck reamer, there is just great stuff. I would like to see more of that tested, really tested, not just tried it out and it worked.
    Loads; There are so many powders and bullets now that you just can’t try everything. However, ther are some rifles cartridges that just beg for help–Try finding loads for a Ruger .416 and 350 gn bullets. Better yet, try to get help from any bullet makers or powder makers. Would that be a hot topic for your magazine-don’t think so. Something that helps me shoot better and reload better, I’m interested in that for sure. When I started reloading I had only the manual to work from. HP White had a chronograph. Well now a lot of us have chronographs and I usually am amazed at what I read compared to the reloading maunals. The manuals seem to be very shy about loads. If you use them at their word you just can’t beat factory ammo. Factory is good but you can do better. Most just use only their componets. There are other combinations that work, and work better. I have no thought of becoming a bench rest champ or a f class master. I just want to get better at shooting. Long, I know. Thanks and good luck.

  4. Optics
    Including reviews of some
    Basics on how optics work

    Basic thoughts on balistics and thier impact on shooting

    Reloading shop ideas and plans
    Member submitted pics, much like was done on this sight not long ago
    Job list plans associated with a partiular set up

    Shot shell reloading

  5. More articles about reloading and new reloading equipment and testing of these items. Always looking for better and easier things to make reloading even more fun than it already is. Love watching your video’s Gavin so keep up the good work.

  6. Most gun magazines are simply a vehicle for collecting advertising revenue. While I love the free market I’d like to see a gun magazine that isn’t at the mercy of the advertisers. Here’s my wish list:
    1. reloading – tips & tricks, recipes, equipment reviews, building or making it yourself, lots of member pictures, suggestions, recommendations, examples of fine work.
    2. handguns – reviews, customizing, gunsmithing, shooting techniques.
    3. shotguns (visited Holland & Holland in London on Friday – had I died and gone to heaven?). Shotgun reloading, recipes, equipment reviews
    4. Ballistics, theory and practice. The science behind the making guns shoot straight
    5. in-depth articles. I’d rather read one comprehensive article (more like a white paper) than several shorter ones that lack the subject matter expertise
    6. calendar of events, conventions, and shows. Be a resource for shooters, hunters, gun collectors, and handloaders.

    1. Good stuff Dave. Shotguns is a theme. Will need to look into getting more shotgun content both here on UR and in Northwest Gun Magazine.

      Another theme I really like is DIY. Planning to have a lot of that!

      You’ve also hit on the “avoiding advertiser bias”. Super important!


  7. i want to see a complete “unboxing” and setup of a Hornady Lock-N-Load system. basic system only, as in “what comes in the box?”.
    as a very new reloader, i am unsure on where to start, and what to buy. I have decided on my first press, but unsure what else i need to get started in loading 9mm, and 7.62x39mm.

    thanks gavin, for the very informative videos. i was going to buy a loadmaster, but i’m now ‘leaning’ towards a hornady setup. 😉

  8. gavin there are so many good magazines today I don’t know how you can compete.One thing I do know is the only reason we can enjoy shooting and hunting is politics. It’s something you can’t
    overlook. Some people don’t want to here it or talk about it but we still have to stick together.

    1. There are some good magazines, but I feel that there are some *huge* holes in content. For example the Northwest. 🙂 Also, I like magazines like Handloader, but they are missing a lot of cool content like DIY projects, and progressive press reviews. Also, almost universally, gun magazines will only publish positive reviews of products. That’s one of the ways that Northwest Gun Magazine will be different.

      Dare to be different, that’s what I want to do. 🙂

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